At The Edge of The Cliffs in Ireland

Ever since I moved to Ireland, one of my favorite sightseeing attractions, I went to with all my visitors, is the cliffs at Old Head 10km away from Kinsale, south of Cork in Ireland. Even though I have been there many times, even now I am still not tired of that place. For me those cliffs totally represent Ireland – beautiful nature, lots of green and fresh air.

Old Head of Kinsale Cliffs
At the Edge of the Cliffs in Kinsale at Old Head

Old Head of Kinsale Cliffs

When I stood there for the first time I was very lucky as it was a very sunny summer day, which made the view even better and more enjoyable. I won’t forget the feeling of freedom, peace and relaxation I felt. I wish those cliffs would be closer to where I currently live in Ireland, so that I could go there anytime I am in a bad mood. The best therapy is to just sit there, look out into the open and listen to the water hitting the rocks and crying seagulls. As this place is pure nature there is no security fence or something like that which could prevent you from falling down. I remember the first time I leaned over to have a look at how deep down it is it tingled in my belly, but in a good way. I also climbed around there a bit but whenever I got close to the edge of the cliffs I was very careful, especially when it was a windy day.

There is a golf course right next to the Old Head of Kinsale Cliffs with a lighthouse at the end of it. In order to enter though you need to be a member or invited, which is a pity. But who needs a lighthouse if you have those fantastic cliffs and peaceful atmosphere? We always rented a car to get there but you can also take a bus to Kinsale and then walk from there a few hours, bike or probably take a tour bus. If I had to summarize this place I would use the following words: inviting place, amazing scenery with a wonderful view, crying seagulls and a peaceful atmosphere. Have a look my photos and I am sure you will understand what I mean.

Old Head of Kinsale: View of the Cliffs
The View off the Cliffs

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