8 Reasons Why Everyone Must Visit New Zealand

Whether you plan to make a trip to the South Island or the North Island in New Zealand, you will find many amazing things to do. 

New Zealand produces unique agricultural items, and the entire country is green and beautiful. It’s easy to feel close to nature when you visit New Zealand, and once you make a trip, it’s easy to see why so many people visit each year. 

When planning your vacation, be sure to consider checking out some of these fantastic attractions that include art and culture, national parks, and wildlife.  

8 Reasons Everyone Should Visit New Zealand

1. Natural Wonders

New Zealand has a diverse landscape with snow-covered mountains and minimal light pollution. You can see the night sky perfectly from places like Mt. Cook and enjoy great walks during the day in the caves and natural areas all around the country. 

Some of the world-famous sites in this beautiful nation are natural and wild. The breathtaking scenery is what makes New Zealand special and attracts thousands of people to the country every year. 

Also, many visitors can’t believe that a lot of the places in the country exist in that part of the world. For example, New Zealand has quite a bit of tropical areas that seem like they should belong to the Maldives, not New Zealand. 

If you love the beauty of nature, be sure to check out some of the most fantastic places in New Zealand, including:

  • Waitomo Caves
  • Mount Cook
  • Pancake Rocks
  • Glowworm Caves
  • Cathedral Cove
  • Stewart Island
  • Arthur’s Pass
  • Coromandel Peninsula

2. National Parks

When you visit New Zealand, you might just think you have found Middle Earth since the country was the filming location for the Lord of the Rings films.

If you’re a big fan of the trilogy, you will particularly appreciate Tongariro National Park, which is the home of Mount Doom (Mount Ngauruhoe). However, even those who have never seen the movies will fall in love with the park’s astounding mountains. 

Visitors to the country should also check out Abel Tasman National Park, one of the most popular parks in the country. Fiordland is also a sight to behold. 

Overall, people come from all over the world to visit these New Zealand parks, among others.

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3. Snowy Sites

New Zealand has a unique climate, and you can see snow on one side of the country and experience warm weather on the other. Thus, you can observe winter’s most magnificent sights year-round. 

So, if you love snow-capped mountains and breathtaking wintery views, you won’t want to miss all these snowy sites when you visit New Zealand. 

  • Fox Glacier
  • Franz Josef Glacier
  • Other ancient glaciers
  • Tongariro Alpine Crossing
  • Southern Alps

You can even take a helicopter ride above some of these places to experience their beauty from a bird’s eye view. 

4. Waterways

If you get a chance to make a trip to New Zealand and need a break from the thrills, you should enjoy some of the beautiful waterways found in this temperate climate, like the Milford Sound. Explore the waters and the areas around them to take advantage of fishing and fantastic wildlife. 

Popular waterways include:  

  • Lake Tekapo
  • Milford Sound
  • Lake Taupo
  • Hawkes Bay

5. Thrills

If you live for adventure and crave an adrenaline rush, there are plenty of unforgettable thrills to enjoy in New Zealand. In fact, some people travel to New Zealand just to go bungee jumping in one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

However, you don’t have to go bungee jumping to experience everything New Zealand has to offer. There are plenty of other thrills that are just as exciting in their own right. 

These adventure activities are things that New Zealanders love doing, and they are also bucket list ideas that tourists around the world come to do. 

So, if you are in New Zealand, be sure to try some of these exciting activities while visiting the adventure capital of the world.

  • Helicopter rides
  • Jet boating
  • Heli-skiing
  • Bungee jumping 
  • Sky diving

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6. Art and Culture

There’s more to New Zealand than just a day hike or the highest mountain peak. There’s plenty of art and culture to enjoy as well. 

Therefore, if you are looking for something unique or want to spend some time indoors on a rainy day, check out some of these exciting attractions in this beautiful country: 

  • Te Papa Museum
  • Exhibits containing Maori culture
  • Multiple art galleries
  • Hobbit Houses

You can even take a guided tour of many of these famous museums.

7. Wildlife

When you visit beautiful countries, you’ll want to see the stunning wildlife that calls it home. 

And in a nation as wild as New Zealand, animal lovers may expect to see a lot of unique wildlife, and they definitely will. New Zealand contains tons of amazing animals, including the country’s national symbol, the kiwi, a small flightless bird. 

Other creatures you might see include giant insects and adorable mammals that you can’t find in any other country. The North Island, South Island, West Coast, and East Coast are all great areas of New Zealand to check out the wildlife. 

Some animals you might see include:

  • Albatross
  • Tuatara
  • Avondale spider
  • Maui dolphin
  • New Zealand sea lion
  • Weta

8. Road Trips 

If you want to see all of New Zealand, you should plan on taking a road trip. On these trips, you can drive down scenic highways that take you throughout the city and the country. 

With a New Zealand highway journey, you can venture through lots of different areas so you can experience all of the nation’s best attractions. 

A favorite drive in the country is to go down Milford Road. Milford Road takes you from Queenstown to Milford Sound on a four-hour journey. 

On this road, you can see amazing sights such as fiords, snow-capped mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. You can even take some time to stop at unique destinations like the Te Anau Glowworm Caves

Or, you can try out the Thermal Explorer Highway. Here, you’ll drive through the vast city of Auckland as well as more rural geysers and hot springs. 

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Tips For Planning Your Vacation To New Zealand

If you are lucky enough to visit New Zealand, there are some things you will want to keep in mind to ensure your vacation goes as planned and you get to make the most of it. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your New Zealand adventure. 

  • Get travel insurance – Travel insurance will cover the costs of any medical emergencies that may occur while you’re on vacation. 
  • Maps – Maps are a good idea in case you can’t get cell service or GPS. 
  • Plan ahead – Planning will ensure that everything goes well so you can spend as much time as possible enjoying yourself. 
  • Bring a camera – You don’t want to get home and realize you have no pictures to show your friends. 


New Zealand is full of breathtaking beauty, and millions of people visit this country every year. So, if you are planning a vacation to New Zealand, you may want to see some of the most popular areas known to attract tourists. 

But, remember that the suggestions above are just a few to keep in mind for your trip. To create the best vacation you can, you should research the country and decide which things you think you will enjoy the most. 

Overall, New Zealand has something for everyone, so no matter what type of adventure you are looking for, you are sure to find it here.