Top 6 FAQ about Obtaining UAE Visa

Since the Arab World has got so many opportunities for the whole world, many people are willing to make their way to UAE. Not only this but also many tourists want to visit such places that have got the finest blend of class and old traditions. But to enter the UAE for the first time, you would need to apply for the UAE visa obviously. Having said that, there are a few questions that people have about obtaining UAE visa.

So let’s dig in now.

Obtaining UAE Visa

1.Why is it important to use the online application system when obtaining UAE Visa?

Well, it’s not important actually, but if you are looking for an easy and convenient option, you must go for the online medium. If you are the guest, you will need to only provide the required information along with the requested document. Then you can simply pay the visa application fee online without even having to send all your documents through email or visiting the office physically. Once the application is approved, the eVisa copy will be sent through email.

2. How many days, before my intended visit to Abu Dhabi, should I apply for the Visa?

Excluding Friday, Saturday and public holiday, it usually takes about 3-5 days in order to process the visa application. It would be quite favorable if you apply for the visa in advance. This will be helpful for you with regards to the on-time processing. And you can have a hassle-free travel to UAE when obtaining UAE visa sooner.

3. What type of visa will it be? Single or multi-entry?

obtaining UAE Visa

It depends on what type of visa you apply for. Both, the single and multi-entry visa have their own proceedings. You will have to check out the details while applying online and go to the required options. It’s great to check the visa types and fees accordingly, you will definitely pick the right things. Otherwise, there is contact information provided on the UAE immigration website, you can get help from the experts.

4. Do the visa fees include all the charges or any other additional amount will be charged?

Since you are paying online through your credit or debit card and PayPal account, these charges will be applied online. This is not actually the additional fee from the immigration, it’s the just the amount applicant has to pay for the bank transfer.

5. Is it important to travel through Etihad Airways or any other airline would be good?

If Etihad Airways is sponsoring your visa, then you will have to travel through either the Etihad Airways or its partner airlines. And this goes the same with any other UAE airlines you are applying for your visa through.

6. What if I need to renew my visit visa?

Renewals are only for the ones who are staying and working in the UAE. They happen to undergo the medical test for Abu Dhabi visa. But for the visit visa entrants, the stay duration is 30 to 90 Days – no more than that. The visit visa can neither be renewed nor extended by immigration. If your visit visa is over, you will have to exit the country and come back with another visa if you are eligible.

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