Sights to See in Nullarbor National Park

Let’s continue our tour of Australia’s major national parks, shall we?

I’ve already covered some excellent parks in Tasmania, such as Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair and Freycinet, one in Victoria, the Grampians, and one in Western Australia, Francois Peron National Park. Now, I would like you to join me on a trip to the state of South Australia, the driest of all Australian states and home to a lot of Outback.

Believe me when I say that one of the greatest road trips you could ever go on in the Land Down Under is the crossing of the vast Nullarbor Plain . I did it in a few days in 2011. There is only one road, the Eyre Highway, through that flat treeless expanse. In fact, its total lack of features allows the Trans Australian Railway to run perfectly straight for 483 kilometers.

Sights in Nullarbor National Park: Endless Views
Endless Views

The road and railway run through the large Nullarbor National Park, located approximately 850 kilometers east of Adelaide and near the border with Western Australia.

Sights in Nullarbor National Park

In all honesty, there aren’t that many sights in Nullarbor National Park. At least not compared to other parks in Australia. The great experience in the Nullarbor is trying to get a sense of the enormity of the area, trying to gasp the sheer size of this vast plain that stretches out for a thousand kilometers. Driving across takes some preparation, as there are only a few roadhouses on the way. Temperatures can be scorching as well, so you’re absolutely advised to take enough water, food and fuel.

The real adventure lies in the journey.

Sights in Nullarbor National Park: Driving to Nowhere
Driving to Nowhere

However, there are actually a few sights in Nullarbor National Park on the way, most of them a short drive off the main Eyre Highway. The one major attraction is the Bunda Cliffs. These impressive coastal cliffs are accessed via an unpaved road. There is a parking lot and a viewing platform. In season, you may be able to spot migrating and calves whales in the Southern Ocean below.

Although the Nullarbor Plain may seem flat, it is in fact home to a large number of caves, some of which can be visited. Visitors will need a 4WD to reach them though. My car was 2WD only, so I only really visited the cliffs and all the roadhouses. By the way, stopping at all roadhouses and fueling up is strongly recommended.

Sights in Nullarbor National Park: Bunda Cliffs
Bunda Cliffs

Probably the best way to understand the size of this region is by going on a scenic flight. Although not suggested for budget travelers, it is certainly to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Again, the beauty of Nullarbor National Park is its emptiness and its ‘middle of nowhere feeling’. You can only get there by car – renting a car or hiring a motorhome rental in Australia are definitely a nice way to see Australia – and it’s a long, long drive. It truly is one of Australia’s great road trips .

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