Now’s The Time to Choose a Venice Cruise

Cruising has become an incredibly popular holiday option, with around 1.76 million people choosing to take a cruise holiday every year. It is a widely held misconception that cruisers are generally aging retirees and that a cruise holiday is only suitable for the elderly; in fact more and more young people are now choosing to cruise as a luxurious and relatively effortless way to see the world in style. Most cruisers report that once you’ve tried cruising you’ll never want to go back to a regular holiday again! Thinking about taking a cruise but not sure which destination is best? Why not catch the cruising bug with a Mediterranean cruise passing through Venice? Venice is one of the most beautiful and iconic cities in Europe and now is the perfect time to cruise to this incredible destination: travel now before it’s too late!

Now’s The Time to Choose a Venice Cruise: Cruiseship invading Venice
Cruiseship invading Venice: Photo – Wolfgang Morodor

Now’s The Time to Choose a Venice Cruise

Why Venice?

Often topping polls as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice is a city that has to be seen to be believed. It is a myriad of stunning canals just waiting to get lost in, iconic churches and piazzas and of course the many coffee shops and infamous bars surrounding St Mark’s Square. Whilst in St Mark’s Square, be sure to visit the Bridge of Sighs: one of the most famous bridges in the world. The bridge of sighs is a bridge that connected the halls of the courts in de Duke Palace with the New Prison: according to legend, the bridge is so named because it afforded the condemned prisoners their last glimpse of the outside world before they entered the prison, and so they would pause to look out of the window and sigh. The beauty of Venice is hard to describe without succumbing to clichés and legends: as it rises from the lagoon there is no bad time to visit this incredible place. If you have an interest in art then a visit to the Guggenheim museum is a must: famous American art collector Peggy Guggenheim lived in Venice for many years after World War 2 and she left her impressive collection of modern art to the city after her death. Listed as one of the best modern art galleries in the world, enthusiasts travel from all of the world simply to visit this museum.

Finally, although it is an experience that will hurt your wallet (they really are notoriously expensive) nothing is more quintessentially Venetian than taking a gondola ride along those famous canals: if you’re lucky your gondolier may even give you a history lesson as you glide along, or even sing to you. A gondola ride is worth every penny simply for the incredible photo opportunities it offers. If your budget simply can’t stretch to a gondola then water taxis and water buses are popular and much more affordable ways to navigate the city. Whichever mode of transport you choose, you really shouldn’t visit Venice without taking to the water during your trip.

Why Now?

Now is the perfect time to Venice because there’s no guarantee how long cruise lines will continue to keep a Venice cruise on their itinerary. In November 2014 regional Venetian authorities and the Italian Premier made the decision that they would no longer allow large cruise liners to stop in the city and travel through the city’s waters. This is due to concerns that increasingly large size of modern cruise liners were causing irreparable damage to the unique ecosystem that exists within the Venetian lagoon. Because Venice is such a popular destination for cruisers, cruise liners are currently vowing to continue to offer trips to Venice as part of their itineraries, but in a way that doesn’t involve passing through the city on their liners. However there can be no guarantee of how long exactly this commitment to continue travelling to the city will last for. Sailing to Venice on board a luxury cruise liner is an experience that you’ll never forget and one you certainly should try at least once in your lifetime. For many, the sight of the large cruise liners passing through Venice was as iconic as the city itself, and provided the perfect contrast between the modern and ancient faces of the city. Why not book soon and experience both the excitement of the city and the magnificence of your first Venice cruise for your next vacation?

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