Ngwenya Lodge – South African Bush TimeShare

The Ngwenya Lodge South Africa

Ngwenya Lodge – at coordinates 25°22’29.68″S 31°51’35.80″E – is a luxury time share resort that backs onto a vast orange plantation where sound stands still, and gazes across the perennial Crocodile River directly into Kruger Park. It combines affordable luxury with an indelible reputation, having won Top Gold Crown Resort 2014 and scooped the RCI Oscas in 2015.

Ngwenya Lodge South Africa provides a range of 8, 6, 4 and 2 person self-catering chalets thoughtfully positioned for privacy and equipped for a comfortable bush stay. All are tiled and air-conditioned to suit the subtropical climate, and are serviced by friendly cleaners. The way that people greet each other at Ngwenya is one of the discriminators that make the difference in the tranquil atmosphere.

Ngwenya Lodge South Africa
Ngwenya Lake

Stunning Views

The views from the sun decks of the units directly along the river (unlike the bird watching paradises above) are spectacular, I should know: I bought a one-week, 2-sleeper timeshare in the spring – before the resort became famous and the prices skyrocketed. Our veranda is perched one-and-a-half-elephants high above the Crocodile River. If I were to reach down the cliff with a broom I could scratch one on the back, but I wouldn’t dare try because the resort would hold me liable for the broom.

Ngwenya Lodge South Africa


The Ngwenya Lodge South Africa has generous facilities. Each year I spend at least one day at base after everybody else has gone to Kruger. Facilities include mini-golf and swimming pools under shady trees, and game spotting from hides down on the river. The restaurant serves delicious buffets they charge by the weight of food on the plate. However, I am at my happiest doing an afternoon barbeque on the deck of my chalet, as the animals come down to drink. See this video for more information.

Ngwenya Lodge South Africa

After sunset, the riverbank comes alive with glowing eyes, as lions stalk the nervous antelope that come to drink. Prolonged splashes herald crocodiles while hippos doze secure. Stately African buffalo snort loudly, safe in numbers and with boss horns that stop a lion’s charge. The birdlife is exquisite, with saddle-billed storks and goliath herons fishing in the shallows, and fish eagles issuing mournful cries above.

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