Five Ways to Get an Adrenalin Fix in New Zealand

Well known for its picturesque natural beauty (you should really pack a camera), New Zealand also boasts a long list of activities perfect for adventure lovers and adrenalin addicts. If you love heights, speed and seeing the world from a unique angle, then check out my top picks of the best ways to enjoy an adrenalin fix in New Zealand.

Top 5 New Zealand Adventure Activities

Bungee Jumping

A staple of most guidebooks, bungy jumping often sits high on any New Zealand adventure activities must do list. Scattered throughout the country, each of New Zealand’s bungee jumping company offers its own individual draw card, be it jumping off specially built platforms and bridges, touching water on your descent or simply enjoying the highest bungee jump in the country. Auckland and Wellington, as well as a variety of other towns throughout the country play host to bungee jumps, making it easy to fit a jump into your New Zealand break, especially if you’re planning to hire a car and create your own itinerary.

New Zealand Adventure Activities: Ledge Bungy Jump, Queenstown
Ledge Bungy Jump, Queenstown: Image Stay At Base


Soaring high above some of New Zealand’s most beautiful scenery, paragliding is a great way to enjoy the country from a bird’s eye view. If you haven’t completed the lengthy learning process attached to paragliding, a tandem paragliding session is the way to go, allowing you to relax and enjoy the view knowing you’re in the capable hands of an experienced pilot. A session guided by a pilot also comes with almost no age or size restrictions, making it ideal for most adventure lovers. Experienced paragliders can find plenty of great launch sites across New Zealand, while those opting for a tandem experience should make their way to Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown or Christchurch.

New Zealand Adventure Activities: Tandem Paraglider, Queenstown
Tandem Paraglider, Queenstown: Image Tomas Sobek / CC 2.0

Canyon Swinging

Slightly slower paced than a traditional bungy jump, New Zealand’s canyon swings will see you glide through the air high above some of the country’s best scenery. Some popular swings take eager adventurers over spectacular canyons, above flowing rivers and out towards Queenstown. As well as offering different sights, each swing covers a different distance, from around 100 metres to over 400 metres, meaning there are plenty of swing experiences to be had in the land of the long white cloud!


Loved by adrenalin junkies the world over, skydiving is undoubtedly one of the best ways to soak up the beauty of New Zealand’s landscape. From the moment you board the plane to the moment you land safely on the ground, the country’s scenery is a true feast for the senses. As with bungee jumping, there are plenty of places to skydive around New Zealand, from the Bay of Islands in the north. to Queenstown in the south.

New Zealand Adventure Activities: Tandem Skydive Jumping, West Coast, New Zealand
Tandem Skydive Jumping, West Coast: Image Glacier Country

Jet Boating

Accessible to most, regardless of age and fitness level, jet boating is a fantastic way to explore some of New Zealand’s pristine waterways. Skimming along the water, you’ll pass through rocky gorges, past lush forests and by areas of cultural and historical significance. Enjoy a jet boat ride at Queenstown or Rotorua, or take your pick from one of several other waterways found within New Zealand’s north and south islands.

New Zealand Adventure Activities: Rapids Jet Boat, Taupo, New Zealand
Rapids Jet, Taupo: Image Taupo Motels

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