New York City Alternative Transport Methods

New York has what is the most legendary subway system in all of the United States. Some would argue that the City that Never Sleeps has the best known subway system in the world. A primary reason why the New York subway system has achieved iconic status is because it is so old. The subway is not in the best state of repair at this juncture in time. In fact, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a state of emergency in June 2017 in regard to the New York City subway system to get more money directed towards it for repairs and upkeep.

The New York subway system is widely utilized. However, if you are planning a trip to the Big Apple, you may have reservations about using the subway to get around. If that is the case, you are not alone when it comes to visitors to NYC. As a visitor, you have an array of other options available to you. In other words, you are not chained to the subway as your only means of transport. By taking advantage of New York City alternative transport methods, you can avoid the subway crowd. With that said, in the end, you may want to take at least one trip on the subway to say you did.

New York City Alternative Transport

New York City Alternative Transport Methods


New York City Alternative Transport

New York City is one of the great pedestrian cities in the world. This is particularly the case when it comes to Manhattan. Despite its hefty, dense population, Manhattan has a relatively easy grid system of streets that makes navigating the city on foot a fairly easy thing to do. Many residents of the Big Apple make it clear that there is no better way to get to know the sights, sounds, and feel of the city than on foot. Indeed, with proper planning, you will be able to take in many of the key sites associated with the city by walking.


New York City Alternative Transport

New York City has made tremendous strides in making the city bike friendly in recent years. This includes the addition of an ever-growing number of dedicated bike-only lanes. Of course, as a visitor to NYC, you likely will not have your own bike in tow. There are many reputable shops at which you can rent a bike for a reasonable price. The city itself also has a bike rental program called Citi Bike. The Citi Bike program now has over 600 stations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. The program now has over 10,000 bikes available for rental from these self-service stations.

Taxicab and Car Service

New York City Alternative Transport

If you need to travel a longer distance, or are headed to some sort of special event, program, or function, taxicabs and car services abound in New York City. The base rate for a taxicab in Manhattan begins at $2.50 with an additional 50 cents for every one-fifth of a mile. You need to keep in mind that traffic in NYC can move at snail’s pace. Therefore, if taking a cab or car service you need to bear in mind cost and speed.

Car services have long served residents and visitors of New York City. This includes the more widely known Uber. There are also companies that have been in business serving the people of and visitors to New York City for years.


The New York City bus system provides nearly ubiquitous service throughout the city. As a side note, the bus service receives fewer complaints than does the subway system. It is a great New York City alternative transport method if you do not like taking a taxi.

You do need to keep in mind that, as is the case with taxicabs and car service companies, buses can and do get bogged down in traffic. This particularly is the case during rush hour. Overall, the New York City bus system operates around the clock. With that said, on some routes, off-peak service overnight can be provide buses that are few and far between.


People oftentimes forget that New York City is an island destination, actually a series of islands. Manhattan and Staten are islands of their own. Brooklyn and Queens share Long Island. Only the Bronx is located on the mainland of the United States.

Although there are obvious limitations when it comes to using a boat to get around in NYC, the New York City ferry system underwent a significant expansion in 2017. On a day with pleasant weather, taking a boat back and forth between a borough; or for a sightseeing adventure, can be a great New York City alternative transport method to a trip to New York City.

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