Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions Whilst Cruising

It’s the start of a brand new year and for many people, that means setting goals, aspirations and resolutions for the year with the aim of becoming a better person. Whatever your New Year resolutions  are for 2015, how would you feel about accomplishing some of them (if not all of them!) by doing something you already love?

New Year Cruise Resolutions: Cruise ship docked at Kotor in Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea
Cruise ship at Kotor in Montenegro: Photo – Rob BBME Explorer CC BY-ND 2.0

Day-to-day life onboard a cruise ship ticks a surprising amount of boxes when it comes to New Year resolutions, whether you plan to become healthier, expand your horizons or make new friends. If you like the idea of achieving your goals whilst enjoying incredible holidays, read on to find just how easy it is.

New Year Cruise Resolutions: Cruise ships docked in Santorini, Greece via Flickr
Cruise ships docked in Santorini, Greece via Flickr

New Year Cruise Resolutions

Travel more

Travelling more or visiting more exotic locations  is one of the most popular New Year cruise resolutions and with cruising, this one couldn’t be easier to achieve. If you want to go all-out, you can sign up for an around-the-world cruise and see far-off destinations you only dreamed about, or if your budget doesn’t stretch quite that far, you can opt for something a little more low-key by comparison but still amazing, like a cruise around the Caribbean.

If the cruise itinerary of your choice stops by one of the destinations you’ve always wanted to visit, make the most of it and book a few night’s accommodation there to extend your holiday. By combining your cruise with a hotel stay, you’ll get a better feel for the place and will be able to leave satisfied, knowing that you managed to do what you wanted to at a pace which suited you.

New Year Cruise Resolutions: Healthy tomato melon salad
Healthy tomato melon salad via Flickr by Tella Chen CC 2.0

Eat healthily

A new healthy eating regime is so difficult for many people to stick to at home because it’s harder to break bad eating habits when you’re surrounded by chocolates, biscuits and crisps. When you set off on a New Years Eve cruising holiday, you’ll be in unfamiliar surroundings and your mind will automatically open up to trying new things. And since it will be more difficult to slip back into unhealthy eating habits, you’ll be more likely to stick to healthier options for the entire duration of your holiday.

Not only that, but the healthy options available onboard will be so much more appealing than the limp salads and the pale fruit packs that you’re used to seeing in the supermarkets at home. Casual buffet-style dining allows you to try a wealth of different nutritious vegetables, fresh fish and lean meats to discover all sorts of new ingredients that you never knew you liked.

New Year Cruise Resolutions: State-of-the-art fitness centre
State of the art fitness centre at Red Lion Hotel, Denver via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Exercise more

Just like healthy eating, exercising regularly is also a lot more difficult to do at home due to bad weather and lack of time. When you leave for work in the dark and don’t get back until it’s dark, the last thing you want to do is put your tracksuit on and go out for a run. Thankfully, onboard a cruise ship, exercising is totally different.

Most cruise liners have state-of-the-art fitness centres full of the latest exercise equipment which is usually free to use. If you’re not up for anything that strenuous, even a couple of laps of the cruise ship’s deck will do you a bit of good. Don’t forget about the ports of call – this is where you’ll do most of your exercise without even realising it. When you disembark and explore your new destination, chances are you’ll spend most of the day on your feet and you won’t believe the number of calories you’ll burn when you spend a whole day walking.

This is part one of my New Year cruise resolutions!

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