New South Wales Best Whale Watching Spots

Between May and November, whales make their annual migration along the east coast of Australia. As the incredible make their mammoth journey, there are plenty of chances to see them meander by, but only a few destinations make for the state’s best whale watching spots.

New South Wales Best Whale Watching Spots

Port Stephens

Populated by around 150 bottlenose dolphins throughout the year, Port Stephens also welcomes passing whales during their annual migration. Make your way along the Tomaree Head Summit Walk to soak up spectacular panoramic sea views or settle in at Anna Bay, Boat Harbour or Fisherman’s Bay for the chance to spot the massive mammals pass by. A number of tours operate in the area, providing plenty of opportunities to see humpbacks and other species breach, tail slap and play in the water.

Stanwell Park

A favourite amongst hang gliders and paragliders, Stanwell Park’s Bald Hill also doubles as one of New South Wales best whale watching spots. Found near the South Coast city of Wollongong, the lookout offers spectacular views north towards the Royal National Park as well as south towards the Sea Cliff Bridge and Wollongong. Pack a picnic, soak up the views and you may just spot a pod on its way past.

Byron Bay

Positioned on the North Coast, Byron Bay is well known for its relaxed beach culture and natural assets. Between May and November, the beauty of the sparkling blue waters surrounding the popular holiday destination is enhanced as they play host to whales making their way north to warmer waters or back to their home in the south. Head to Cape Byron, Australia’s most easterly point, or one of the many headlands scattered along the Byron Bay coastline for the chance to spot a passing pod meander by.

New South Wales best whale watching spots: Whale tail breaching the surface, Byron Bay
Whale tail breaching the surface, Byron Bay. Image Credit: Destination NSW.


Home to icons such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney also boasts fantastic whale watching credentials. Position yourself on Sydney’s North Head within the Sydney Harbour National Park or settle in for the day at Watsons Bay, close to the historic Hornby Lighthouse. Join a chartered whale watching cruise to see the majestic mammals frolic close up.

New South Wales Best Whale Watching Spots: Whale Tail
Whale Tail: Image Credit VisitNSW

Jervis Bay

Lined with pristine white beaches, the clear blue waters of Jervis Bay provide great opportunities to see humpback, southern-right, mink and pilot whales journey by on their annual migration. Female whales and their calves have been known to spend time in the area’s inlets, so it may be worth your while to find a good viewing spot on the shore. If you’d rather get up closer to the fascinating animals, local tour operators also offer whale watching cruises.

New South Wales best whale watching spots: Whale watching cruise, Jervis Bay
Whale watching cruise, Jervis Bay. Image Credit: Destination NSW.

With whale season upon us, why not book a flight, a hotel room or a hire car see one of the world’s natural wonders in the wild?

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