Photographic Impressions of New Hampshire

My previous post included several photographic impressions of Vermont and I figured I might as well write a post with a bunch of photographic impressions of New Hampshire as well.

Although I currently live in Vermont, New Hampshire isn’t far away. I live practically on the border between the two states, in a region known as the Upper Valley. New Hampshire and Vermont have some similarities, yet they’re distinctly different states. While Vermont is a rural and peaceful state with rolling farmlands and mountains, New Hampshire is both very mountainous and at the same time more urban—there are more cities, in other words.

New Hampshire’s home to the White Mountains, a spectacular mountain range that occupies about a quarter of the state’s surface area. Attractions are plenty in this region, as you will see in the pictures below. Unlike Vermont, New Hampshire has a coastline, albeit a short one. This is where Portsmouth is located, a gorgeous historic coastal town.

New Hampshire is also home to numerous maple sugar houses, covered bridges and pretty villages too. Some towns in the White Mountains are extremely touristy though—North Conway is a perfect example of that.

Because this post is meant to be all about the pictures, I’d like to refer to the following blog posts for more textual information on New Hampshire and its attractions, nature and towns:

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For more detailed information on visiting New Hampshire, I suggest that you visit the following website:

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Now, let’s get to what this post really is about: a selection of photographic impressions of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Pictures

Covered Bridge in Albany

New Hampshire Pictures: Albany Covered Bridge
Covered Bridge in Albany, New Hampshire

Trail Signs on the Flank of Mount Cardigan

Trail Signs on Mount Cardigan
Trail signs on Mount Cardigan

Summit of Mount Washington, New England’s Highest Mountain

New Hampshire Pictures: Summit of Mount Washington
Summit of Mount Washington

Boats on Mascoma Lake

New Hampshire Pictures: Mascoma Lake
Boats on Mascoma Lake

Fall Foliage in the White Mountains

Fall Foliage seen from Franconia Ridge
Fall foliage seen from Franconia Ridge, White Mountains

Mount Washington Resort in Winter

New Hampshire Pictures: Mount Washington Resort in Winter
Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods in winter

Houses in Historic Strawbery Banke, Portsmouth

New Hampshire Pictures: Strawbery Banke in Portsmouth
Historic Strawbery Banke, Portsmouth

Beach at Lake Winnipesaukee

New Hampshire Pictures: Lake Winnipesaukee
Beach at Lake Winnipesaukee

Mount Moosilauke Ravine Lodge

Mount Moosilauke Ravine Lodge
Mount Moosilauke Ravine Lodge

Mount Washington Cog Railway

Connecticut River at Dawn

Connecticut River at Dawn
Connecticut River in Hanover at dawn

Fall Colors in the Upper Valley

Fall Colors in the Upper Valley
Fall colors seen from Smarts Mountain in the Upper Valley

Wentworth by the Sea in Portsmouth

Wentworth by the Sea, Portsmouth
Wentworth by the Sea, Portsmouth

Boardwalk in The Flume

Boardwalk in the Flume
Boardwalk in The Flume, White Mountains

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