Short Multiday Hikes in New England

The term ‘short multiday hike’ may sound contradictory at first, but allow me to explain what I mean. Multiday hikes don’t need to be hundreds of miles long; they can also be a couple of dozen miles, relatively short yet still long enough to require you to spend the night along the way.

That’s what I mean by short multiday hikes: hikes that are long enough to present a challenge, but short enough so that they can be done in the timespan of a (long) weekend.

There are a few of those ‘long weekend hikes’, as you might also call them, in northern New England, that beautifully peaceful mountainous and coastal region in the northeastern United States.

Short Multiday New England Hiking Trails: Waterfall in New Hampshire

5 Short Multiday New England Hiking Trails

The Bonds Traverse, New Hampshire

The 19.5-mile (31-kilometer) Bonds Traverse is one of the very best weekend hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The hike takes in West Bond, Mount Bond and Bondcliff and is usually hiked in two or three days. There are a couple of mountain huts on the way, as well as shelters and backcountry tent sites. Views from all three mountains are immensely spectacular and the sunsets can be epic.

Beyond Mount Katahdin, Maine

Mount Katahdin, the legendary ending or starting point of the Appalachian Trail, is located in the heart of the wilderness of Baxter State Park in Maine. After ascending the mountain, the trail continues down on the other side of the mountain toward Chimney Pond. There’s a campground at the pond, which can be used as a base to explore this little-traveled kingdom of bear and moose. The roundtrip is about 20 miles (32 kilometers).

Short Multiday New England Hiking Trails: White Mountains
White Mountains

Wild River Wilderness,  New Hampshire

The Wild River watershed in central New Hampshire is flanked by the Baldface and Carter mountain ranges. This is a region of clear ponds, mountain streams and vast forests. The 29-mile (46-kilometer) loop traverses both the Carter and Baldface ridges, including a section of the Appalachian Trail. There’s a plethora of campsites along the way where you can pitch your tent.

Glastenbury/West Ridge Loop, Vermont

A 21.8-mile (35-kilometer) loop in southern Vermont, the Glastenbury/West Ridge loop is usually completed in two or three days. The trail runs over the summits of Glastenbury Mountain and Bald Mountain, both offering superb views of the Green Mountains, Berkshire Mountains and Taconic Mountains, and follows a section of the combined Long Trail and Appalachian.

Short Multiday New England Hiking Trails: Chipmunk

Presidential Traverse, New Hampshire

I’ve discussed the fabulous Presidential Traverse in a previous blog post. It’s a 24-mile (38-kilometer) traverse of the stunning Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a hike that takes in no less than ten 4,000-footers. Weather permitting, this short multiday hike in New England can be completed in three days and two nights.

To get to the trailheads of these amazing multiday New England hiking trails, make sure to rent a car.

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