Top 5 Must Visit Sydney Neighborhoods

Hip eateries with fusion meals from every corner of the globe? Check! Intact nature with friendly roos and spectacular soaring cliffs? Check! Sipping locally made wine surrounded by artsy graffiti? Check! With a bit for every bunch, the city’s many districts are urban, modern and timeless in spirit, all maintaining the perfect balance of Sydney’s diverse culture that flourishes everywhere you look. Wonder what the must visit Sydney neighborhoods are? Here’s our pick of the top 5.

Must Visit Sydney Neighborhoods

Darlo’s eclectic Renaissance

When it comes to revivals and restorations, Darlinghurst has certainly outdone itself to rebuild its reputation. From its shady past ruled by crime, it has risen out of its devious ashes as a cool hood with a laid-back vibe. Situated at the doorstep of Sydney’s busy CBD, yet still jazzy and a bit cheeky. Darlo is the unwind hideout for the working crowd. while its up-and-coming foodie scene attracts Sydneysiders from near and far.

Darlinghurst Neighborhoods. Must Visit Sydney Neighborhoods
Darlinghurst: photo from Wikimedia

Stop by the Oxford Art Factory to immerse yourself in the living, breathing pop-art inspired by Andy Warhol’s New York Factory. It’s where entertainment comes alive with the latest names of the art world showcasing their best work every week, served with a cocktail to die for. Head to Phamish in Palmer Street for a plate of chic Vietnamese food, or a scoop of Australia’s best gelato by Gelato Messina.

What’s brewing in Surry Hills?

It’s the celebrity among the Sydney suburbs. Its residents and regulars are proud of its understated charm and the ever-growing hipster community. It’s a fantasy land for coffee buffs and those eager to try out new and relaxed restaurants. You can find anything here from the well-known Bills for a memorable breakfast, to Single O where coffee has a character on par with that of the makers.

Surry Hills Sydney Neighborhoods. Must Visit Sydney Neighborhoods
Surry Hills: photo from Flickr: Peter ValpianiCC BY 2.0

Brunch is big in the area. If you love having brunches, then this is one of the must visit Sydney neighborhoods for you. Or if you want to mingle with the locals, try the classics at Robo Cog and prep your camera for a few snappy photos of the local architecture. A fan of vintage? Grandma Takes a Trip is Surry Hill’s best-kept secret that has you covered in retro from head to toe. Whatever you wish for, Surry will do its best to make it come true, with class and flair free of charge.

Anything but Neutral Bay

The cool kid of all the Sydney districts, Neutral Bay, is where hedonism goes to flourish. Effortless, stylish and unapologetic, the area is just far enough from the CBD. But well-connected enough to have Sydneysiders from all corners flocking for a spur-of-the-moment 4 am omelet at Maisy’s 24. Or simply enjoy a pampering session at Blooming Day Spa.

Neutral Bay. Must Visit Sydney Neighborhoods
Neutral Bay: photo from Flickr: Howard Bales, CC BY 2.0

Known as the neighborhood where wine sipping is a pleasure that requires no special justification. It’s no wonder that Socal Neutral Bay found home precisely in this district. Head chef John Barrios brings the tastes of surfing cool California to your plate. Special recipes blended with the local versatility of sea dishes and a spicy kick of Mexico will definitely surprise you. Talk about traveling the globe from the comfort of your chair nestled in the Neutral Bay. A foodie‘s must visit Sydney neighborhoods.

Chippendale’s vibrant soul

Edgy, daring and colorful, this suburb is surprisingly versatile considering its small size. And for such a cozy little nest, it’s restless and always finding new ways to keep its visitors on their toes. Luxuriously tasty pastry and delicious fine-crafted sodas all wrapped in one hip package? Brickfields has you covered.

Chippendale. Must Visit Sydney Neighborhoods
Chippendale: photo from Flickr: Bo SternCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If you’re a wannabe art collector, you’ll love the modern homage to Chinese art combined with a traditional tea house and dumplings. All available in the White Rabbit, the four-story-vast collection of modern Chinese artwork in Balfour Street. Treat yourself to a mouthful of extravagance at Ester with their hanger steak. One of the hood’s newest brilliant ideas is the One Central Park residential area that epitomizes the Aussie spirit of loving and living with nature.

Life on The Rocks

Who knew that another grim story could have such a classy turn of events? The Rocks started out as a convict settlement. It gave birth to legends that roam the streets to this very day, but that would be the only residue of its past. Today, you’re looking at a modern neighborhood with captivating architecture dating back to the colonial era. A single jaw-dropping evening tour will have you in awe of the Rock’s history and revitalization.

The Rocks. Must Visit Sydney Neighborhoods
The Rocks: photo from Flickr:Joy VanBuhler,CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

For a taste of the Rock’s daily life, stroll around the Rocks Markets to find some of the finest locally grown groceries and hand-made goodies. Afterwards, you can take a breather just under the Harbour Bridge. Finally, don’t miss out on the Museum of Contemporary Art. Admire the stunning international collections, atop of which you can bask in Sydney’s most spectacular view sitting in the museum’s café.

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