Eye Care Tips You Must Know While On The Road

Are you planning a trip somewhere? Then you should know that next to packing your bags with clothes, food and fun accessories; it is important that you think about your health as well. This, of course, includes thinking about your eyes. Routine and proper care are an easy thing while you are at home. However, when you are out on a trip, focusing on all the wonders of a new location can make you forget about prioritizing your eye care. It is especially scary if you have an emergency while on the road; far away from the comfortable borders of your home. Here are some eye care tips that you should and should not do.

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Top Eye Care Tips whilst traveling

Bring sun protection

When traveling to somewhere sunny, you will, of course, bring some sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the UV rays. It is essential that you bring along protection for your eyes as well. The good news for you is that there are polarized sunglasses that you can get with or without a prescription. What they are good at is protecting your eyes from sun’s glare. You can also go for wraparound protective eyewear to make sure that your eyes are safe from all sides.

Eye Care Tips

Don’t wait to see a doctor

A lot of people put off seeing a doctor until they are back home. This is a bad idea. Every eye problem needs to be treated as soon as possible. The thing with eye problems is like with most other issues; the later you deal with them, the bigger they get. If you scratch your eye before your trip, you should go see your doctor as soon as possible; instead of treating it with quick remedies and then developing an ulcer in your eye as a result. So be sure to add seeing an ophthalmologist to your to-do list; and keep these eye care tips in mind before heading out for your trip.

Take care of your contact lenses

You need to take good care of your contact lenses when you are traveling, so bring a bottle of contact lens solution and the case where you keep the contacts. Or, even better, bring two bottles. The same “bring an extra” kind of thinking should apply to your contact lenses as well – bring another pair. Eyes tend to get uncomfortable during flights due to the dry air in the plane, so place your contacts in the case along with the solution.

Remember that you mustn’t use tap water as a replacement, due to the bacteria there that might lead to eye infection. You could also bring a pair of eyeglasses to use when in need of a rest from the contacts. Furthermore, if you’re planning to go swimming, avoid using contacts together with swimming goggles.

Don’t ignore changes in vision

It is essential that you take every change in vision seriously. A lot of people think that if it doesn’t hurt, then it isn’t necessary to go and have it checked right away. For example, you could be having flashes and blurred vision, and not realize that these are the symptoms of something quite serious – retinal detachment.

Furthermore, some symptoms related to your vision can actually signal that there is a problem somewhere else. For example, it could be an effect of the change in your eating and drinking habits during the trip, causing a serious issue to come forth. If your vision is blurry, it could be a symptom of problems such as diabetes, a stroke, or a hypertensive crisis. You may not even know that you are suffering from an illness until you experience an eye problem during your travel.

Consider eye surgery if necessary

It is a fact that your skin becomes less elastic the older you are, resulting in an excess of skin on both your eyelids. The cosmetic side of this problem is that it makes you look older and worn out. However, there is also the issue that is common for senior citizens; and that is the fact that this excessive skin can gather on the upper eyelids and disrupt your eyesight. Sydney eyelid surgery experts suggest taking up surgery before you decide to travel. This is in order to make sure that it is properly dealt with; so that you have no problems during your trip.

Eye Care Tips

Make sure that you have enough prescription drops

In the case that you are using prescription eye drops, make sure that you bring more than one bottle along with you. A lot of people forget that the fact that your prescription can be filled where you live. It doesn’t have to mean that the same goes for the place where you are traveling. If you are allergic, prone to get dry eyes, or have health problems such as glaucoma; make sure that you have your eye drops with you; along with extra bottles just to make sure that you don’t run out.

Enjoy yourself!

If you pack an extra pair of everything, bring the appropriate sun protection and check in with your doctor before heading out; you can truly enjoy yourself with these eye care tips. Wherever you go, there is always something new to see and learn. Take care of your eyes, and have fun during your travel!

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