Hiking Through Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland

Luxembourg isn’t necessarily the first destination that comes to mind when thinking about places to go hiking. Yet, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any interesting trails there. Rather in contrary; the region known as Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland is crisscrossed by numerous short and longer hiking trails.

The star of all trails in Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland is the 112-kilometer (70-mile) Müllerthal Trail. This amazing trail consists of three loops that circle through the region, offering impressions of its variety of landscapes.

I just hiked this trail last week—it took my wife and me six days to complete it. There will definitely be more detailed posts in the future, but for now, I wanted to share with you guys some of the photos that I took during our hike.

It’s a spectacular hike, taking you across fields and meadows, through typical Western European beech forests, along bubbling streams, past (and sometimes even through) awe-inspiring rock cliffs and formations, and into tiny villages.

You can think of the Müllerthal Trail as looking like a “double 8”, three loops that connect in two places—in Echternach and Müllerthal itself.

I, myself, didn’t really know what to expect from the trail. Three weeks ago, I didn’t even know it existed. But it honestly is an amazing trail. Hopefully, the following selection of photos of the Müllerthal Trail in Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland will inspire you to go for a hike yourself in this little-explored country and region.

This is definitely another thing to add to your bucket list!

Mullerthal Little Switzerland Hiking Trail Photos

Mullerthal Little Switzerland Hiking Trail: The trail
The Müllerthal Trail
Mullerthal Little Switzerland Hiking Trail: Lush green forests
Lush green forests
Mullerthal Little Switzerland Hiking Trail: Cows
Curious cows
Mullerthal Little Switzerland Hiking Trail: Tudor Museum
Tudor Museum in Rosport
Mullerthal Little Switzerland Hiking Trail: Hiking through the rocks
Hiking through the rocks
View of Echternach
View of Echternach
Müllerthal Trail signs
Müllerthal Trail signs
Schiessentümpel waterfall in Müllerthal, Luxembourg
Schiessentümpel waterfall in Müllerthal
Mullerthal Little Switzerland Hiking Trail: Rock cliffs
Rock cliffs in Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland
Echternach town square
Echternach town square

Hiking the Müllerthal Trail can be done by trekking around with backpack and tent, but also by staying in one place—Echternach for example—and using the excellent network of buses to get to and from the trails.

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