Motorcycle Roadtrips for Newbies

Although the motorcycle has always been considered cool and hip, the crowded roads of today are inspiring an increasing number of people to start riding motorcycles and even engaging in motorcycle road trips on the backs of these two-wheeled machines. However, it’s one thing to go from point A to point B within a city on a bike, and a whole different story to go riding on a highway, cross-city. This is why we’ve come up with this fresh bowl of tips, for your convenience and your new motorcycle experience!

Motorcycle Road Trips for Newbies Round the bend
Round the bend

Motorcycle Road Trips for Newbies

Comfort in the First Place

When travelling in between cities, or simply when engaging a road trip, you should always think about comfort first – it might not seem all that important at the moment, but we can assure you that, after a couple hours on the road, you’ll be cursing your earlier self. Of course, there are ways to enhance the comfort that any bike offers, and these enhancements include a different handlebar, a more comfortable seat, better headlights, guards, a new exhaust and many others.

Dress Appropriately

Now you’re not going on a banquet, are you? And even if you are, you can always pack up your sleek clothes and actually dress the part for the road. Instead of going with the cool jeans, in hopes that you’ll bring out that cool cowboy look, you should always wear riding pants. Additionally, ankle boots, riding jacket and a full face helmet can go a long way not only in preventing you from getting pneumonia, but also from preventing a serious injury happening in the worst case scenario. If you want to be extra cautious (which we indubitably suggest), consider getting knee and elbow guards or body armor. The last tip, when it comes to what to wear on your bike roadtrip is that you always buy items as close as possible to your size – going baggy, while it looks cool, can cause disturbance and discomfort, which can be both tedious, as well as potentially life-threatening.

Motorcycle Road trips for Newbies open road USA Road Trip
USA Road Trip

Never Over Pack

Let’s face it, you’ve bought yourself a motorcycle – you knew that you can’t fit as many items as you could inside a car. Clutter has a tendency to make your motorcycle road trips a living nightmare, so make sure that you pack light. If this is not the reason enough for you, over packing presents a clear and present roadside danger, which can cause you to lose balance, or end up spraying your whiteys all over the road, endangering other vehicles. Pack as much as you can fit in your tailbag (naturally, you’ll get one, if you’re engaging in an inter-city travel). Make sure you don’t bring your valuables – if you have to drop some weight, getting rid of a tuna can is always more preferable to having to drop your brand new laptop.

Motorcycle Road Trips for Newbies photo stop
Photo stop

Get a Proper Bike

If you’ve just decided to do a bike road trip, make sure you get one with proper highway properties, such as a windshield. There are plenty machinery auctions out there, that can bless you with a quality, convenient bike, which will do you a world of good on the road. Lastly, make sure you realize that the heavy bikes will always be a workout – even experienced bikers often have a hard time getting their bike up, in case of it falling. You do not want to go through the embarrassment of having to call up the car services to pick the bike up from the dirt for you!

Motorcycle Road trips for Newbies Argentina
Road Trip in Argentina

Motorcycle road trips can turn out truly wonderful experiences, but only if you plan properly. Get an appropriate vehicle, get your proper gear, pack lightly and you can enjoy the freedom of riding a bike on a highway.

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    Thanks Diana for your tips. Motorcycle tips for a 1st time newbie like me is very helpful.

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    Ralph Seeder

    Hey Diana, thanks for the tips. Here’s another one to add to your list – Carry a waterproof GPS device and a tire pressure monitor.

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    Hi Diana Smith, thanks for your motorcycle advice. It’s really helpful for newbies wanting to ride on a motorcycle road trip. I like “Never over pack” because I often over-pack which makes travelling difficult. Pack just enough and get the right bike, right? Thanks again!


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