Most Amazing Thailand Islands to Discover This Year

Thailand is one of those tropical locations many think about when wish to rest from the chaos of everyday lives. Although Phuket and Koh Phi Phi are the most famous ones among tourists; others fully deservingly are gaining more and more attention. The best thing about them is that they don’t get too crowded and you can still enjoy these Thai jewels in serenity.  Some of these islands may even lack Wi-Fi or ATMs, and that would be just what you need to have a peaceful and undisturbed holiday.  Therefore, here are the most amazing Thailand islands you can discover this year and have a great time doing so.

Amazing Thailand islands

Most Amazing Thailand Islands to Discover This Year

Koh Tao

Koh Tao is one of those places you shouldn’t miss in Thailand. It’s a wonderful place to scuba dive, snorkel, and kayak. Those who participate in these water sports will have an opportunity to meet the amazing coral reefs of the area. Additionally, the rich and vibrant animal life will keep you occupied most of the time.

You will have a chance to swim with sharks, manta rays, and other unbelievable creatures. If you’re inexperienced in scuba diving; you can join one of the many courses that will help you get the basics which are enough to go on these tours. In addition, hikers will be able to see the jungle and its waterfalls, dip in the pools and see some unique animal and plant species. Additionally, nightlife here is rich and you can visit one of the many spots for good vibes and traditional Thai cocktails.

Koh Tao Thailand
Koh Tao, Thailand, photo by Aaron Thomas on Unsplash

Koh Chang

One of the islands that will give you a more relaxed environment is Koh Chang. It is remote compared to Phuket or Koh Samui but is slowly starting to gain appeal among tourists. The word is that tourists are flooding the west coast beaches so much, that island can’t find a place for them all.  

So, if you’re looking for the peaceful and on the budget Thailand experience, go to the Had Sai Noi Beach. If you want to try fishing or taste some tasty fish dishes, visit Salakkok Bay. For those eager to see some nature and hike, Ban Salek Phet is a perfect place since it’s a home of the mangrove forests.  

Koh Chang Thailand
Koh Chang, Thailand, photo by Ragnar Vorel from Unsplash

Koh Lipe

The best beaches in Thailand today are in Koh Lipe. This well-deserved fame of the island came in the recent years when tourists discovered its untouched beauty. More tourists every year visit Koh Lipe and it is believed that soon enough it will be as popular as Koh Phi Phi.

Reggae bars, gorgeous sunsets and clear waters for swimming and snorkelling are only some of the attractive attributes of Koh Lipe. They didn’t nickname it The Maldives of Thailand for nothing; and if you plan to visit them do it rather sooner than later since it will soon be too crowded with tourists. You can rent a boat and visit nearby islands or sleep in the beach hut and wake up to the sounds of the ocean.

koh lipe
Koh Lipe, Thailand, photo by Milos Prelevic from Unsplash

Koh Samui

If you’re travelling to Thailand for the first time, then Koh Samui is the best place to start with. This is a perfect island for families and those looking to distress. Full of white beaches and luxury resorts, this is a perfect place for those who practice yoga and want to meditate.

The most interesting attractions are Big Buddha statue, mummified monks, amazing waterfalls and many Buddhist temples. If you want to have fun, you can always participate in beach parties and join the barefoot dancers surrounded by the coconut trees. Find accommodation in one of the Thai villas for rent and book tours to visit the most prominent Koh Samui attractions.  

Koh Samui
Koh Samui, Thailand, photo from Pixabay

Similan Islands

Famous for its Marine National Park, the Similan Islands are one of the most beautiful natural oases in Thailand. The great thing about the Similan Islands is that it consists of two smaller ones where you can stay on – Koh Miang and Koh Similan. However, these locations are becoming very popular and you have to be very fast to find a booking here.

This is a perfect place for all those who like to dive; no matter if they do it professionally or not. If you want to see whale sharks, the best time to visit Richelieu Rock is from February to April. Many tourists decide to stay on the nearby Khao Lak and have day trips to Similan Islands.

Similan islands Thailand
Similan islands, Thailand, photo from Pixabay

In the end

Be among the first ones to see and fully feel these amazing Thailand islands. Thailand is a magical destination that will always have new and attractive locations to show to its visitors. Even though it may seem as though everything is already discovered, bear in mind that Thailand has around 1430 islands. Therefore, every year some of them are joining the tourist offer; and you can be among the first ones to experience their attractions.

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