A Modest Guide for a Luxurious Australian Vacation

Australia is notorious for being one of the most expensive places in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting one of the smaller cities or if you are mingling outside city limits. The upside of this is that you’ll savor top-notch food, beverages, experiences and services. However, if you learn a few tricks and tips, you can stretch a buck further than you think without sacrificing glamour. If you are interested in how to do this, here is a modest guide for a luxurious Australian vacation.

Apartment rentals instead of hotels

Interior of hotel room; luxurious Australian vacation

Don’t commit to hotel hopping. Even if the deals sound enticing, they will bleed you dry if you’re visiting for two-weeks or more. Booking an apartment – or even just a room – through Airbnb is a much smarter investment.

You can get genuine, luxurious “boutique hotel” accommodation for a fraction of what the five-star hotels would cost. Those hotels are often franchised, which means that they are also unoriginal. Renting an apartment also lends you a chance to integrate with the local lifestyle and have a great time.

To savor alcoholic beverages, seek out tours

People at a table drinking wine and talking; luxurious Australian vacation

Part of the Australian experience is reveling in the top-notch alcoholic beverages this country is known for. The southern and southeastern regions are particularly renowned for their wine and spirits culture. To save a few bucks without missing out on this aspect, seek out free or bargain sampling tours.

If you’re a seasoned connoisseur of spirits, take a tour of the cutting-edge whiskey distillery in Rosebery. You’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about the distillation process. The fact that you get a chance to sample some of the supple, spicy beverages shouldn’t go amiss either.

Keep on flying

Road trips are a particular delight in Australia, but unless you are ready to cash out, they should be avoided. Car rentals can be quite expensive and the idea of driving around is not glamorous anyways. Instead, you should hop on domestic flights. They are very reasonably priced all the way – a fact that surprises many a newcomer. It is convenient, fast and gives you a chance to cover more destinations in a shorter span of time.

Keep an eye on your dining budget

Table set for a wholesome meal; luxurious Australian vacation

Australian meals can be very expensive, and the bills can truly knock you off your feet. You need to be watchful about where you are ordering food. If you want a luxurious vacation on a budget, this is the aspect you should be most stingy about. Pamper yourself in lifestyle areas instead. This is also where food-tourism apps come in. Don’t even leave for the Land Down Under without setting one up on your phone.

Street vendors are a way to go

Remember, street food is very filling and often significantly cheaper than what you’d get in even the low-end corner spots. Another upside is that the fast food is sinfully delicious and the quality of ingredients is top-tier. Also, keep in mind that, due to the cultural and culinary diversity of Australian cities, this is where you’ll find the most diverse fast-food menus in the world. You don’t have to be bored by the same type of meals every day. Also, if there are no street vendors around, cafés with limited food options are always better choices than restaurants.

Visit off-season

Sydney Opera House at night; luxurious Australian vacation
Sydney Opera House at night

You’ll save some money if you choose to visit the most beloved Australian destinations off-season. Keep in mind that summer and winter are inverted in the Southern Hemisphere. This means the most popular time – which is over summer – takes place between December and March. However, the windows to be avoided may vary depending on the places you want to visit. Australia is bigger than you think and it’s home to several broad climate regions. Therefore, do thorough research online before you book your ticket.

Even if this isn’t your year financially, it doesn’t mean glamorous locales and a luxurious Australian vacation are out of your reach. It’s all a matter of playing things smart and exploiting every avenue that may come your way. This often takes the form of packages, tour deals and free stuff, so it comes down to keeping a keen eye out and staying vigilant. Be a go-getter when it comes to vacations too, and you’ll reap all the rewards.

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