Highlights of South Mauritius

Mauritius said to be the jewel of the Indian Ocean has been fought over by the Dutch, French and the British. However it would not be what it is today, without the many influences that have been brought to this small island by the different civilisations.

Known for its luxury resorts, sandy beaches and once home to the extinct Dodo bird, Mauritius has lots to offer! Here are the top tourist attractions for the south of Mauritius.

Mauritius Top Tourist Attractions

Ile Aux Aigrettes

Mauritius Top Tourist Attractions: The Mauritian Fody at Ile Aux Aigrettes. ©MDHarding
The Mauritian Fody at Ile Aux Aigrettes. ©MDHarding

If like me, the curious Dodo bird has captured your imagination and spurred you to travel to Mauritius.  Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the protected nature reserve of Ile Aux Aigrettes.  On the  island you can see what Mauritius would have looked like over 400 years ago.  See the indigenous and endangered species such as the Pink Pigeon up close! Other flora and fauna that can be seen are the Mauritian Fody, the endangered Telfair Skink reptile, Ebony Trees and more!.   The island is also capitulated in history, housing canons from WW2 when the British used the island as a military base.

Bois Cherri Tea Plantation

Mauritius Top Tourist Attractions: Bois Cherri Tea Plantation, Mauritius. ©MDHarding
Bois Cherri Tea Plantation, Mauritius. ©MDHarding

Tea was first introduced in 1760 by a French priest named Father Galloys.  However, tea wasn’t planted on a large scale until some time later and by WW2 it became a thriving industry. Bois Cherri was the first Tea plantation on Mauritius dating back to 1892. Still a very much working plantation, you can stroll around the museum, watch the workings of the tea production and then sit back on the wooden decked veranda, sipping one of the many teas produced, while enjoying the scenic vistas.

Nadu Temple & Ganga Talao Lake

Mauritius Top Tourist Attractions: The 2nd largest Shiva statue in the world, Mauritius. ©MDHarding
The 2nd largest Shiva statue in the world, Mauritius. ©MDHarding

Considered to be the most sacred Hindu place in Mauritius, Ganga Talao has welcomed pilgrims since 1898. During Shivaratri many Hindus walk barefooted from their home to worship the Hindu God Shiva.  Panoramic views can be seen from the top of Hanuman Hill  reaching 656 feet (200 metres high), overlooking the lake also known as the Grand Bassin.  The crater lake rises to almost 1,800 feet above sea level.  If you travel to the other side of the main gate you can see the 108 foot tall (33 metres) standing Shiva up close, a faithful copy of the Shiva statue at Sursagar Lake in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.  Currently another 108 feet tall statue is being constructed of Durga Maa Bhavani to stand alongside that of Shiva.

Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth

Mauritius Top Tourist Attractions: See the natural wonder of Seven Coloured Earths, Chamarel, Mauritius. ©MDHarding
See the natural wonder of Seven Coloured Earths, Chamarel, Mauritius. ©MDHarding

The geological formation of Seven Coloured Earth is a popular tourist attraction, a natural phenomenon created by existing chemicals in the earth. On the way into the site you can stop off to view the 100 metre drop waterfall. As well as the views from the car park, don’t miss the viewing platform at the top of the stairs for another perspective. From here you can continue by car rental to the Coloured Earth.  As the area has seen visitor numbers increase, a fenced walk way has been created all the way around to protect the formation.  It isn’t a huge area but worth going to see if you are nearby. You can also see some of the indigenous species planted here and a group of Giant Tortoise.

We took one day exploring Ile Aux Aigrettes and visiting the neighbouring beaches with the local bus. And another day taking a taxi tour of the other attractions mentioned above.  For more information on local transportation, see the best way to travel in Mauritius.

With lots of accommodation available on the island there is something to suit all budgets!

We hope we have inspired you to visit “The Jewel of the Indian Ocean”.  If you have any questions or comments please do get in touch! We would love to hear from you.  And if you enjoyed reading about Mauritius top tourist attractions, don’t forget to share.  Happy Travels 🙂 x

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