Three Must-See Attractions in Marrakech

The Moroccan city of Marrakech is an exotic utopia famed for its natural beauty and archaic grandeur. Heavily laden camels line the cramped alleyways, and towering medieval walls rise above the maze-like passageways that connect this lovely, sprawling city. With its vast swathes of sand, arid days, and densely packed streets, visiting it is like stepping between the pages of The Arabian Nights.

Marrakech Top Tourist Attractions

Its beauty has long been acclaimed. As a former imperial city, Marrakech has traditionally been a centre for economic and religious matters, and great mosques, palaces, and storied gardens line its streets, evidencing its importance to the history of its country.

With hundreds of beautiful places to visit, it is a true wonderland for tourists seeking an enchanting cultural experience. If you’re lucky enough to visit, here are three of its dazzling attractions that you simply have to see…

Marrakech Top Tourist Attractions

#1: The Medina

The Medina is, inarguably, one of western Morocco’s greatest treasures. Sheltered from the blazing sun by soaring medieval walls, this ancient city dates back to the days of the Berber Empire. Today, its grandeur is undimmed, and the traditional souks (marketplaces) still thrive within the shadow of its towering façade. Its maze-like alleyways conceal a thousand delights for the erstwhile adventurer, with wonders around every corner. Each section has its own speciality, from carpets and textiles to magic supplies, kaftans, and delicious foods. Why not lose yourself for a day?

Marrakech Top Tourist Attractions

#2: Arset El-Mamoun Gardens

Despite its arid weather and swathes of sand, Marrakech is famed for its idyllic gardens, and the loveliest of them all is Arset El-Mamoun. The brainchild of Crown Prince Moulay Mamoun, they encapsulate a delicate yet decadent 18th century aesthetic. Established by the prince upon the occasion of his wedding, they stand as an eternal symbol of devotion to his lovely bride. Their design is considered the very peak of 18th century botanic endeavour, and features stunning flowerbeds, richly scented orange groves, and a beautifully sited lake. If you’re looking for paradise, Arset El-Mamoun comes incredibly close to capturing it.

#3: The Badii Palace

The final site on our list of must-see Moroccan attractions is the exquisite Badii Palace. Constructed during the reign of Sultan Ahmed El-Mansour, this 16th century marvel is one of the principal monuments of the Saadian era. Today, it is no more than a magnificent ruin, but in its heyday it stood as one of the greatest symbols of decadence and ostentation ever to be crafted. A trace of this grandeur still exists: a gleam on walls and ceilings that were once encrusted with gold, the ruins of the four sunken gardens, and the remnants of pools and fountains and towering columns. Its haunting loveliness is a sight that can never be forgotten, and one that all tourists should have the opportunity to glimpse. With many travel operators offering trips to Marrakech, when will you visit?

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