A Manchester Tribute: Why This City Is So Great

On Monday the 22nd May 2017, terror struck in Manchester. This wonderful city was targeted by a lone terror attacker, who waited in the foyer of Manchester Arena following an Ariana Grande show. Children had enjoyed their first ever pop concert, families were having fun. Teenage friends were delighted that they’d finally seen their idol perform. But that positive atmosphere was destroyed by yet another evil, soulless human being who decided to kill more than twenty people in the name of religion. Almost a week on and all the victims have been named. Sixty people have been confirmed to have been injured in the blast. Twenty of them remain in a critical condition. This is a Manchester tribute to remind us of why the city is so great.

The attack has shook the United Kingdom. Our beautiful country’s terror alert has been set to Critical. This means that another terror attack taking place is expected imminently. We’re all scared and on edge. We’re re-thinking whether we should actually attend that show we bought tickets for several months ago. Our hearts weep for the tragic victims in Manchester. We still can’t wrap our heads around the fact that innocent children as young as eight years old were killed in the attack.

A Manchester Tribute

Manchester, and our country, have united against terror. We have come together to show our support for the victims’ families. We are trying our very best to remain positive and not let them win. I was scared for my friends who went to Radio 1’s Big Weekend last night, even though security was tighter than ever before following the attack. I’m scared to go to London and any other major UK city ‘just in case’. This is the case for a lot of people right now. But we can’t be scared forever, and we have to come together and carry on with life to stop them from winning. There truly are some evil people living in our amazing nation. But we’ve been saying it for decades. We need to ‘keep calm and carry on’.

Manchester Tribute
Manchester by Zuzanna Neziri on Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Manchester is an amazing city that has contributed massively to shaping the UK into what it is today. The city has united since the attack more than ever before. Thousands of people are getting Manchester’s symbol, a bee, that has been inked onto their skin as a permanent tribute to the 22/05 victims. I absolutely adore Manchester for so many reasons; here are just a few of them to make a Manchester tribute.

The people.

The people in Manchester, or Mancunians, truly are a one-of-a-kind species. The terror attack proved just that. Cab drivers turned their meters off purely to make sure those at the arena were taken home safely free of charge. Children who had lost their parents were escorted to a nearby hotel so that they were safe and warm. A homeless man who was ignored by passers-by on a daily basis, held a dying woman in his arms and comforted her. And in the week following the attack, Mancunians have come together to love and comfort each other more than ever before.

Manchester Tribute
Faces of Manchester by Keith Vaughton on Flickr // CC BY 2.0

The music.

The music to come out of Manchester is among the best in history. One of my favourite bands, Oasis, started their journey from the very bottom on a Manchester council estate. The vigils and events taking place in Manchester tribute following the attack have featured thousands of people singing the works of Oasis at the tops of their lungs, and it’s beautiful. The 1975, The Stone Roses, The Smiths and The Courteeners are just a few more amazing bands that began their journeys in the city of Manchester.

Manchester Tribute
The 1975 by Begona on Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

The spirit.

One aspect of Manchester that I always notice, whenever I visit is its unique spirit. The air in Manchester is buzzing and electric, with something to do on every corner. It’s a multi-cultural city with an amazing nightlife scene, a thriving selection of bars and restaurants, and also cool events taking place day after day. I love Manchester, and I can’t believe someone would do what they have done. This huge city in northern England has a spirit like no other.

Manchester Tribute
Lanterns in St Anne’s Square, Manchester by Gidzy on Flickr // CC BY 2.0

We love you, Manchester.

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