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The primary reason I’ve been so absent from writing lately is because I’ve had a visitor over to stay. More specifically, my boyfriend has travelled across the Atlantic from sunny Brazil to see me. Upon writing this post, he was supposed to only be staying for 5 weeks… but, he decided not to get on his flight home at the end of August, and to instead stay until the end of January when his tourist Visa runs out. Of course, I’m loving this. To mix things up a little, I decided to ask him to document his summer in this whole new country and culture. I will be posting it in three parts: Manchester, London, and York. Here we go! – Lauren

Manchester City Football Club: Welcome to City of Manchester
Welcome to Manchester

England From A Brazilian’s Perspective Part 1 (Manchester)

My name is José Diegues. I’m a born and bred Brazilian (Sao Paulo to be more specific) and ever since January I’ve been in a relationship with a lovely British girl, Lauren. We started chatting online unexpectedly after discovering that we shared mutual friends, and the next thing I knew, she was on a flight to sunny Brazil to meet me, and the rest is history! After our city break to Sao Paulo, our exotic getaway to Ilhabela and our chill-out time in Santos, she invited me to travel around England for 5 weeks this summer. Clearly, I jumped at the chance. I’ve travelled to a few places in the United States and South America, but I’ve never set foot in Europe before.

The plan was to spend 35 days in Manchester, Grimsby (Lauren’s hometown), London, York and other parts of Lincolnshire. Initially I was feeling both curious and excited to have the amazing opportunity to explore this stunning country, but at the same time I was worried about having enough money to do so. Not only this, but I had no idea if I could adapt easily to a whole new culture, food and general way of life. Well, the overall result exceeded my expectations. England is incredibly beautiful, full of historical sights and famous places. The country’s hearty food, kind people and easy access from city to city are only a few factors why England has given me so many good experiences and memories. Here are the rest of them.

Manchester City Football Club: Etihad Stadium Entrance
Etihad Stadium Entrance

Manchester City Football Club

On the 23rd of July, I landed at Manchester Airport at around 4pm, after over a days’ travelling all the way from Sao Paulo, with a short connection in Paris. The flight was good, but I’m not a huge fan of the 15 hours flying part. Luckily, it was a sunny and pleasant summers’ day in Manchester. We took a taxi straight to the City Warehouse Apartments, a unique and more laid-back form of accommodation, different to typical hotels. The apartment was very accessible to Manchester’s centre and all the major spots. My first morning in England consisted of tasting the infamous full English breakfast, now one of my favourite foods, followed by a short walk in the huge shopping centre and then a trip to Man City FC’s Etihad Stadium.

Manchester City Football Club: Interior of Etihad Stadium
Interior of Etihad Stadium

I’m a Brazilian, therefore a massive football fan, and I support Manchester City Football Club above all the other English teams. The tour around the stadium took around 2 hours, in which we found out about the club’s history and glory days and saw all the best parts that not everyone gets to see, like the player changing rooms and press room, where all the action happens. It’s certainly a beautiful stadium, with staff who are more than prepared to warmly welcome visitors and give them a top-quality tour around the Manchester City Football Club complex.

Manchester City Football Club: Man City Press Box
Man City Press Box

Manchester also has a selection of good restaurants, most of them situated around the Manchester Eye, in the city centre. The park in front of the Eye was a great place to witness the stunning sunset, sitting in the grass and enjoying the beautiful English summer.

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