Malta: From a Tourist Hot Spot to a Place of Residence

Malta, the small archipelago crowning the center of the Mediterranean has been one of the most prominent travel destinations in recent years; due to its rich culture, breathtaking natural sceneries, and high living standards. However for many people it is changing from tourist hot spot to Malta residence, ideal for those escaping the rat-race.

Its positive, laid-back lifestyle permeates the entire nation; with the country growing in popularity as one of the best places to live or own a second home. Here is why the gem of the Mediterranean is a perennial tourist hotspot and a great place to inhabit.

Tourist Hot Spot to Malta Residence

Rich and diverse history

Every village, town, and city in this small country is a historical landmark in its own right, as the rich and diverse cultural heritage dating back to ancient times well-before the eagle of Rome ever found its way to its shores, permeates every cobble-stone street and every building.

Malta is a place where numerous nations have left their mark throughout history; from Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Norman, and Aragonese people to the knights of St John, Napoleon, and the British Empire. Though numerous nations have fought over Malta in a bloody attempt to claim this heaven in the Mediterranean, today the country is riddled with sites of cultural and historic significance under the protection of UNESCO. If culture is what you’re after, Malta is definitely the place to be.

Tourist Hot Spot to Malta Residence, Lane, Valletta
Lane in Valletta

Mediterranean cuisine

The Maltese cuisine might be delicious and rich in every sense; but it should be supplemented with vigorous exercise; in order to burn the unwanted fat that is bound to settle in once you’ve spent enough time enjoying their hedonist ways. Among the specialties and delicacies is the “Pastizzi”, a Maltese signature pasty snack filled with ricotta or peas.

Maltese cuisine is a fusion of many cultures, particularly North African, Sicilian and Italian. A dish that is extremely popular and a sort of a national treasure is the “fenkata”, or rabbit stew.

Valletta City Fruit and Vegetables, Tourist Hot Spot to Malta Resident
Valletta City Fruit and Vegetables

Healthy rivalry between towns

The culture that permeates the towns and villages is an energetic and driven one, with villages working hard year-round to outdo their neighbors and achieve greater feats than the year before. The notion of this healthy “sibling” rivalry is epitomized in a term “Pika”, which has no direct translation.

Nevertheless, this type of rivalry produces astounding feasts all year-round and especially in the summer; complemented with bigger and greater fireworks, sporting events, and of course, a taller village flagpole. When traveling around the countryside; you are bound to be greeted by welcoming townsfolk and end up lodging in quaint villages that never sleep.

Tourist Hot Spot to Malta Resident, Marsaxlokk Fishing Village
Marsaxlokk Fishing Village

The festa reigns in the summer

During the festive summer months, all of the villages around the country are preparing their weeklong revelries in celebration of their patron saint. These festivities last day and night, culminating in colorful fireworks, non-stop music, food, alcohol, and of course, a mandatory parade.

You will find the most intense celebrations taking place in the south of the island, where numerous villages are competing for the biggest and loudest fireworks display.

Tourist Hot Spot to Malta Resident,Comino Island
Comino Island

Picturesque countryside and golden beaches

While every corner of the archipelago is blessed with beautiful friendly villages; its true natural worth lies in its golden sandy beaches and numerous secluded rocky coves overlooking the expansive sea. From Selmun and Mistra bays to the famous Blue Lagoon in Camino and the beaches and coves of Gozo; there is no shortage of adventure and pure picturesque beauty as far as the eye can see.

Tourist Hot Spot to Malta Resident, Sunrise over Valletta
Sunrise over Valletta

Becoming a Maltese resident

Finally, Malta is a part of the European Union; and its citizens have one of the most influential passports in the world, with access to over 150 countries. This has made Malta very popular among people looking to make its shores their new home.

Through the Malta Golden Visa investment citizenship program, individuals around the globe can now become citizens by investing in government-approved projects, paying non-refundable contributions to the National Development Fund and maintaining a residential property (buying or leasing it) for at least five years.

With all of its natural wonders and rich and diverse culture; Malta has become a tourist hotspot and one of the most livable countries in the world as well. The gem of the Mediterranean is bound to steal your heart.

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