Why You Will Be Dazzled by Malacca, Malaysia

The UNESCO World Heritage City of Malacca, Malaysia  is definitely worth a visit in your travels around Southeast Asia. It’s a visual treat, with vibrantly painted buildings, neatly manicured gardens and colourful taxis illuminated by bright sunshine. Trishaws (tricycle rickshaws) roll down the streets, covered in fake flowers and blasting music from their speakers.

Malacca Malaysia Attractions: Beautiful town
Beautiful Melaka

Malacca Malaysia Attractions

The European-inspired architecture and colonial Portuguese influence will make you feel like you have been transported to Europe – except for the tropical heat and the chaotic street markets. Here are some of the reasons why you will fall in love with the city:

Malacca Malaysia Attractions: Cooking in the Night Market
Cooking in the Night Market

You Can Ride a Pimped-Out Trishaw

Who could ride in one of these colourful vehicles without smiling? The tri-shaw drivers in Malacca seem to compete with each other to see who has the most vibrantly decorated ride. Ask one of the drivers to give you a tour of the city and feel free to negotiate the price, haggling is acceptable (even expected) here. This is definitely one of the best Malacca Malaysia attractions!

Malacca Malaysia Attractions: Melaka pretty cabs
Pretty Cabs in Melaka

Jonker Street Night Market is a Blast

At night on Fridays and Saturdays this market comes to life, with dozens of street food stalls serving all manner deep fried, steamed and boiled treats – including octopus on a stick. The street food in Malaysia is amazing and you will be overwhelmed by the sheer array of tastes available to sample. There will be live music, dancing and a very fun atmosphere.

Malacca Malaysia Attractions: Food in the Night Market
Food in the Night Market

There’s Plenty of History

If you are interested in history you will be fascinated by the city. This city has been a trading port for many centuries and its development has been influenced by the Portuguese, as well as the Dutch, British and Malaysian. The architecture of the buildings reflect this influence and there are plenty of intriguing historical sites to see including Chinese graveyards, old ruined churches, Portuguese cannons and much more.

During your visit you could take a walk along the Malacca Heritage Trail, which will take you on a lengthy journey around the Heritage sites within the heart of the city – including St. Paul’s Hill, Christ Church, Poh San Teng Temple, Sultanate Palace and Kampung Kling Mosque. There are several hotels in Malacca that are close to this district.

Malacca Malaysia Attractions
Melaka Canal

You Can Take a River Cruise

Another great activity to enjoy while you are in Malacca is a river cruise, which will take you along the waterways of the city. The best time to take the tour is around sunset, so that you will be able to watch the sky change colours and then see the city after dark, when the buildings are lit up in a magical and atmospheric way.

These Malacca Malaysia attractions are just a few of the reasons why you will fall in love with this beautiful, colourful and exciting city – so why not make it part of your itinerary when planning your Southeast Asia travels?

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