Make Business Travel Less Stressful: Some Practical Tips

Business travels sound great, but it isn’t always. You are “living in a suitcase;” sleeping on airplanes or in cars; constantly packing and staying tied to your cell phone. It disturbs your routine and can make you frustrated. Having a positive attitude toward these situations is the first step in making business travel less stressful.

Keep in mind that staff can help make a pleasant travel experience. So be kind and ask everything politely; be on your best behavior. Kindness minimizes your unpleasantness and maximizes productivity.

Here are a few tips you might find helpful for making business travel less stressful.

Luggage limitation

Suitcases on rolling airport luggage bins. Make business travel less stressful

The stress of business travel is even worse when you’re worried about lost luggage. If possible, bring only a carry-on bag. If you don’t have checked baggage, you don’t have to stand in line and wait for it once you land.

Use technology to help yourself

If you’re using VoIP services you’ll need to know about regulations on using your phone outside your primary business environment. So call your provider or use your contact center software to be informed in time. Maybe you’re traveling by car. You can also use a pre-loaded GPS with maps of your destination to make your drive easier.

Person holding a phone.

Sign up for reward programs

If you frequently use a particular airline, car rental company or hotel, their staff will help you. Business people who are members of loyalty or reward programs will usually receive some benefits. It may be early boarding or a priority room in a hotel, depending on the rewards program. But overall it means much better treatment.

Keep the dress code in mind

Professionally dressed man and woman. Make business travel less stressful

Business people and entrepreneurs are expected to follow a kind of professional dress code.

The truth is, you will get even better service when you dress well and look successful. The image you produce can sometimes be quite helpful, for example, when your luggage might be lost or you are late. People and staff will show you more courtesy.

Keep your suitcase packed

Save time on suitcase packing! Keep a carry-on bag packed with the basic clothing, shoes and other necessary accessories. Don’t crowd your suitcase. Choose thinner laptops and tablets over bulky ones. Replace heavy books with ebooks. You can enjoy reading without overpacking your bag. If the weather requires a coat or boots, keep them with you rather than taking up space in your suitcase.

Keep customer service numbers on your phone

You never know when an unexpected situation might occur. That’s why storing customer service numbers can be very handy. Using customer service number or contact center software will provide you quick access to the right information.

Business trips are not always entirely pleasant. But, on the other hand, they do have advantages. Following these tips can help make business travel less stressful, and even enjoyable.

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