Luxurious Seychelles: A Destination for Nature Lovers

Beach on the island of Praslin in the luxurious Seychelles
Beach on the island of Praslin in the Seychelles

Inhabited for only 250 years, Seychelles has remained a miniature world flourishing in prefect isolation. It knows neither the tensions nor the stress of a bustling planet. It is the ideal destination to relax to the rhythms of spectacular and preserved nature. The luxurious Seychelles is a true tropical island paradise. You will enjoy the luxury of the world’s finest hotels and all kinds of activities and events. Not to mention the most delicious cuisine.

Tourist- and eco-friendly events

Seychelles delights nature enthusiasts with a wide range of outdoor events. Among them, the Eco Healing Marathon is held every year in February, starting from Beauvallon beach in Mahé.

The Kreol Festival is another of the major cultural events in the Seychelles; the festival week is rich in the colors, flavors and aromas of the Creole world. The Victoria International Carnival remains the most popular event as it attracts delegations from all over the world.

Most successful activities and sites

But the luxurious Seychelles is also perfect for ecological and sporty holidays. Its diversity allows you to enjoy different water activities and explore white sand beaches surrounded by translucent waters.

Visitors generally focus on the three main islands: Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. These are the cultural cradle of the Seychelles. They offer a variety of activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and catamaran excursions. There are visits to bird sanctuaries or popular sites like Vallée de mai (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Additionally, visitors enjoy the botanical garden, the spice garden, the rum factory and the Victoria market.

Top 5 luxury accommodations in Seychelles

Women in a striped sun hat at the side of a pool

Discover a luxury accommodation in an exceptional environment. You may wish to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of La Digue; soak up the authentic charm of Mahé; or discover the natural treasures of Vallée de Mai in Praslin. Here are the 5 best Seychelles hotels:

  1. Domaine de l’Orangeraie, the best hotel in La Digue.
  2. Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches, a landmark inland resort that offers an atmosphere of relaxed luxury.
  3. Constance Lémuria Seychelle, also an inevitable address.
  4. Constance Ephelia Villa located in Mahé, a real favorite among tourists.
  5. Banyan Tree Seychelles, a luxurious Seychelles haven located on the edge of one of the archipelago’s most beautiful beaches.

Seychelles cuisine, a tourist attraction in itself

Spicy seafood dish, luxurious Seychelles

Creole cuisine is a mix of European, Indian and of course African cuisine. It uses extremely fresh foods and condiments, and exotic spices from all over the world. Additionally, it offers a skillful combination of acidulous, sweet, rich and spicy flavors that echo the population and its history. Cooking is linked to the presence of water throughout the archipelago; the cuisine is rich in fish.

The climate also brings its fresh share of fruits and vegetables. Seychelles cuisine is unique because it combines the flavors of ingredients that have been introduced and cultivated over the centuries. Two that are emblematic to the archipelago are Tamarind chutney and fish curry with green papaya salad.

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