Low-Key Fun in Las Vegas: The Human Experience

Las Vegas, Nevada, one of America’s top tourist destinations for both international and domestic travelers, is a city that has tons to offer. I recently moved to Las Vegas from Virginia and since moving here, had an amazing time! As a music lover who has a preference for more low-key activities, Las Vegas certainly did not disappoint. Despite the city’s reputation as a party town, where drinking and gambling reign, it also hosts plenty of events with a more relaxed vibe. One such happening is “The Human Experience”. It is an open mic event held every Monday evening and it’s a blast for those looking for low-key fun in Las Vegas.

The Human Experience: Low-Key Fun in Las Vegas

Going Beyond the Strip

Back Patio at Ninja Karaoke Bar,Low-Key Fun in Las Vegas,nevada,usa
Back Patio at Ninja Karaoke Bar

The Ninja Karaoke Bar sits approximately five miles outside of the Las Vegas Strip. Located in the city’s Art District, the bar hosts a weekly open mic event called the “The Human Experience”. Anyone 21 and over can enter and join the festivities for free. I recently visited and had an all-around fun time! Head to the bar anywhere from 6:30pm-12:00am and you’ll find a relatively small crowd of around 15-30 people. This is perfect for a low-key fun night in Vegas.

The relatively small audience also makes for a very personable environment where it was easy to both enjoy the show and meet new people. The venue is smaller in size so it was also easier to socialize. It even has a gated patio area through the back door where you and your new friends can chat while still listening to performances through the out-door sound system. The performers vary weekly but there is a consistent flow of people willing to share their work on stage – from standup comedians to an aspiring singer/song writer.

The Local Experience

Local Performance at Ninja Karaoke Bar,Low-Key Fun in Las Vegas,nevada,usa
Local Performance at Ninja Karaoke Bar

“The Human Experience” is a great local event that’s a guaranteed fun time. When you come here, you’ll likely see a variety of local talent and will be in for quite a show. Since Las Vegas is the live entertainment capital in the world, even amateurs will sound and perform like professionals. People who come to the Ninja Karaoke Bar are mostly locals who are also artists themselves. As a result, they make for a more receptive and therefore, more fun audience. Finally, if you’re a fellow artist yourself, this is a great place to meet local people.

A trip to Las Vegas doesn’t need to be a monopoly of gambling and excessive drinking. In addition to the big name performances and shows, which can rake up the cost, check out some low-key fun in Las Vegas like “The Human Experience”. You might just end up being surprised.

Speaking of low-key fun in Las Vegas, discover the other side of the city while in the city. Rent a car and visit nearby Red Rock Canyon where you can go for a hike. If time permits, visit the Hoover Dam and gaze at this incredible engineering wonder. If you’re looking for where to stay in Las Vegas, consider options near the Las Vegas Strip. Many of the events, attractions and activities, even those low-key fun in Las Vegas ones, will likely be within a 10-minute drive of the Strip.

Ninja Karaoke Bar Address: 1009 S Main St, Las Vegas, Nevada

Written by Vos Tyler and edited by Iris A.

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