What To Do With Your Home For Long Term Travel

Ah, the excitement of just packing up and leaving without any concerns…yeah, right. However of a free spirit we might have, reality usually has a way of coming back and slapping us across the face. This time, the slap is essentially the reality of leaving our home and possessions behind while we set off for long term travel. When setting off, it’s easy to get distracted by the worries that come along, after leaving so much of our life behind to what are essentially the hands of fate. To avoid this, there are a couple of options that people consider to help alleviate this concern.

your home while backpacking. Long Term Travel

Long Term Travel Tips for Home Owners

Considering our options

When taking a trip into consideration, we end up having three fairly reasonable options. Keep in mind that all of these are the only three solutions people opt for; apart from cancelling the trip itself. First and foremost, there is always the option of leaving the house as is and setting off the long term travel. Another option is to consider renting it out to generate additional income while we’re off swashbuckling off the coast of Somalia. If determined to make the trip a long haul; people also opt for just selling the house for a solid amount and setting off without a care in the world.

Making a deal

When setting off, there is always the notion of leaving the house as it is and maybe striking a deal with a close friend or neighbor to keep it in order while you’re away. This can range from anything like just coming over every now and then to fend off burglars to staying in the house and keeping it tidy while we’re away. This gives us someone to call to check up on everything; but it also keeps us on our toes about what’s going on back home – detracting from the trip itself.


your home while backpacking. Long Term Travel

The first option to consider is renting the space out. This is perfect for homeowners that intend to make their trips a tad shorter. This makes sure the bills are paid for and we have a steady flow of cash each month via rent. Picking the right tenants for the house could drag out, but it’s better to make sure we’re letting someone trustworthy into our home – especially when we’ll probably be on the other side of the globe while they’re there. This also tackles the fear of having someone break in as there’s someone actively living in the house/apartment.

However, when taking in anyone inside our home; we run the risk of making a mistake and letting undesirable people in while we are on long term travel. This is usually more of an inconvenience than anything else as we’re usually right there to deal with the problem head-on; but when we’re a few thousand clicks away – we run into serious problems. We might end up coming back to unpaid bills, a pigsty or heavy damage to the interior or exterior of our home. This can come as a nasty surprise and is sure to ruin our return. Keep in mind that this almost never happens, but it is a possibility.


For the more extreme, we have the option of selling the apartment or house before we set off. This eliminates any bills or expenses outside the ones we might have abroad; and gives us a substantial safety net in case we run into any trouble. This can have a lot of paperwork and we might not run into the best period to sell, when it comes to real estate pricing; but it does eliminate any concerns we might have when we leave; and helps us focus on the journey and the experiences completely.

However, selling the house can drag on indefinitely due to the same paperwork. In case we have something valuable we do not wish to include in the actual sale, we’ll need to figure out some way to keep it safe while we’re away. Storage companies like SCS usually have great deals for long-term rentals and can provide safety. Another concern one might have is finding suitable living conditions when we return. If we’re looking to come back to the same neck of the woods we left; it might be beneficial to get in touch with potential homes and set up a deal before we set off.

Setting off

When everything’s been said and done, there’s only one thing left to do – set sail. Wherever we intend to go, we can rest assured that we figured out something that will work for us; and our mind won’t struggle during our experiences outside the country. After all, all we did, we did for this, for the sole reason of not having to worry; we might as well enjoy ourselves. This will ensure that we come back from our trip refreshed; and ready to tackle any obstacles regular life might have for us – taking on anything we face head on.

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