London Travel Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Europe’s most cosmopolitan city can be pretty intimidating for any traveler. Whether it’s your first time visiting or whether it’s your tenth; London will likely make you feel overwhelmed, maybe even confused, especially if you’re coming from across the Atlantic. From driving on the opposite side of the road to figuring out the “Tube”; here are a few handy London travel tips for solo female travelers if you are planning to visit London this summer.

London Travel Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Maintain Situational Awareness

London Heathrow Airport. London Travel Tips For Solo Female Travelers

You might have seen the saying “if you see something, say something”; even before you stepped out of London Heathrow Airport. This trademark campaign by the United States’ Homeland Security is more relevant now than ever due to the recent incidents that occurred within the English capital. With that said, one of the best London travel tips for solo female travelers I have is to maintain situational awareness.

The city itself has a population of over 8 million people. Add in the tens of thousands of visitors every month and what you’ll have is plenty of moving parts. You may not always see what’s going on, particularly in crowded spaces, but if you train yourself to be more aware of your surroundings, you’ll increase the likelihood of identifying unique and/or unusual patterns that might prove to be significant.

Hotel Safety Tips

London Travel Tips For Solo Female Travelers
Hotel Room Safe

When you travel to London, there’s no shortage of accommodation options. You can indulge in luxury five-star establishments; or book an affordable room at one of the hostels scattered around the city. Wherever you choose to stay though, keep in mind a couple hotel safety precautions in this list of London travel tips for solo female travelers.

First, don’t leave your valuables in the room, much less in the open. It may seem like common sense, but it’s surprising to see how many travelers are careless about their possessions when on holidays. If you don’t feel like carrying them around while sightseeing, put them in the safe and lock it. Second, take some time on your first day to get acclimated to the area where you’re staying. Check out the location during the day and at night; so as to get a feel for what the ambiance is and where the emergency services are; such as the police station or hospital. Doing so will not only inform you of where to go in case of emergencies, but also help you discover nearby shops or restaurants that might be off the beaten track.

Look Right!

Crossing the Street London

This is likely the most overlooked London safety travel tips for solo female travelers because of our tendency to look left when crossing the street. Keep in mind that in England, drivers drive on the other side.

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