Lofoten Islands – The World’s Most Beautiful Corner

It’s already been a year and a half – I can barely believe it’s been that long – since I cycled my Lofoten Islands travel. I was on my way south from the North Cape to Belgium, when I took a detour across this stunning archipelago . The Lofoten Islands are located a couple hundred kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in northern Norway. However, they do have a surprisingly mild climate. This is thanks to both the Gulf Stream and Jet Stream, which respectively transport warm water and air from the south.

The islands are the meeting point between the warm Gulf Stream and the ice-cold Arctic Ocean, which creates a perfect habitat for Arctic cod. The enormous numbers of fish in the region have allowed people to thrive in these northerly regions for centuries. The Lofoten Islands’ main economic activities are fishing and tourism.

Lofoten Islands Travel: Hamnøy
Hamnøy, Lofoten Islands

In summer the beautiful Arctic light attracts painters and other artists, who stay in typical artists’ guesthouses. Those places actually cater to artists and often have studios and workshops. I stayed in one in Svolvær, the capital of the Lofoten Islands, which definitely was a great experience.

Landscapes during my Lofoten Islands Travel

It took me more than a week to cycle across the islands. All the islands, by the way, are all interconnected by picturesque bridges, tunnels or ferries. The fabulous landscapes  consist of tall rugged mountain ranges, flat coastal fields and pastures and quaint villages. Quaint is a perfectly appropriate word here. From afar the islands look totally inhospitable though, the rugged mountains rising abruptly out of the ocean, but a closer look reveals thriving fishing communities.

Lofoten Islands Travel: A Remote House
Remote House

The Lofoten Islands still are the most beautiful place I have ever been to. When I was there, the weather was kind, sunny and warm, and I absolutely loved exploring that particular region on a bicycle. Except for that one-night-stay in the artists’ guesthouse in Svolvær, I camped every single night. Oftentimes I was able to pitch my tent right on the shore of the ocean.

Lofoten Islands Travel: Little Harbor in Svolvaer
Little Harbor in Svolvaer

I truly had a magical time there. I cannot wait to go back and do some kayaking and hiking, two of my favorite activities that I didn’t have the chance to do last time.

Lofoten Islands Travel: Sunset on the Beach
Sunset on the Beach

In my Lofoten Islands travel, I found find small cozy villages, set against a backdrop of sheer mountains, with usually quite a large selection of accommodation. If you don’t want to cycle all the way there, you may want to rent a motorhome – one of the very best ways to see Norway – or even book a cruise along the Norwegian coast and fjords.

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