10+ Most Secret & Underrated Travel Destinations in the World

The past few years have put the world in a slump, leaving many of us only able to dream of an international trip.

But, with the world re-opening, you can soon take off to some of the greatest secret hideaways on earth. 

Get a glimpse of the unexplored by visiting some of the least traveled destinations around the world.

Check out remote islands, uninvestigated jungles, and quiet cities where you’ll feel at peace with yourself and nature.

10 Secret Places For Your Next Getaway

1. Puglia, Italy

Italy is an amazing destination, filled with old architecture, delightful cuisine, and pristine waters. But, travel destinations like Rome and Venice can be horrendously overcrowded. 

So, instead, take to the beach town of Puglia, tucked away toward the hill of Italy’s signature boot shape. 

When you take a walk through Puglia, you’ll be transported into an oasis of the rural landscape, lined with olive trees and cream-colored buildings. And once you hit the southern tip, you’ll find blue waters with a calming breeze that’s far off the beaten track. 

Things to do:

  • Take a trip to the beach
  • Tour the olive trees
  • Stroll through the tiny town
  • Enjoy homemade Italian cuisine
  • Drive the coastline
  • See the Castel del Monte UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Scuba dive through the coastal waters

2. Wadi Rum, Jordan

If you want the feeling that you’re completely isolated from the world, a trip to Wadi Rum in Jordan can be just what you need. 

The long stretches of desert and cliffs create scenery like no other. Feel the warm sun against your skin and the smoosh of the sand on your bare feet as you explore the unknown.

Things to do:

  • Rent a Jeep and drive through the sands
  • Take a camel on a tour
  • Climb the cliffs
  • Go horseback riding through the desert

3. Lofoten Archipelago, Norway

If you crave outdoor adventure, Lofoten Archipelago is the perfect place for you. 

This forgotten vacation destination rests at the foothills of Nordskot, one of the country’s most well-known rock-climbing destinations. From there, you can venture up the heights and see the view, grab a kayak, and even take a dip in the cool mineral waters.

Or, if you plan on visiting in the winter months, take a drive up to the slopes and ski down. The trails have tons of soft snow and steep dives, making it a preferred destination in the winter months. 

Things to do:

  • Hike up the surrounding mountains on the edge of the ocean
  • Kayak the waters and take in the sights all around you
  • Jump into arctic waters filled with minerals
  • Enjoy views where the mountain range meets oceans
  • Take one of the boat tours through this hidden gem
  • See the Northern Lights

4. Ethiopia

Your eyes have never seen a landscape quite so beautiful and green. 

Ethiopia is home to breathtaking views and a variety of wildlife. Since its recent makeover, the country has put a lot of effort into creating unique resorts and eco-friendly tourism opportunities as well as encouraging cultural expression.

Conversely, if you prefer history, you can visit one of the country’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as Aksum or the Lower Valley of the Awash. 

Things to do:

  • Tour the tundra
  • Take a wildlife tour
  • Mingle with some of the country’s tribes
  • Visit new eco-friendly facilities, like Simien Mountains and Bale Mountains National Parks
  • Travel rural bike paths in the early morning to see wild animals in their natural habitat

5. Máncora, Peru

If untouched beaches are what you’re after, you’ll want to put Máncora, Peru, on your list. 

Here, you’ll find some stretches of sand without a soul in sight, leaving you to breathe in the fresh, virgin air. White sand beaches clash with turquoise waters, and natural resorts line the coast, inviting you to stay awhile.

You’ll find that all of the locals are on beach time, enjoying every second of life. And you can chill with them too or, instead, partake in some of the area’s most unforgettable activities. 

Things to do:

  • Bask in the quiet vibes of the deserted beaches
  • Dive underwater for a glimpse at the sea life
  • Kitesurf near the shore
  • Visit some of the local pubs

6. Symi, Greece

Greece can sometimes get a bad rep, known for being very touristy during the spring and summer months. But, what many travelers looking for some privacy don’t know is that Greece is home to miles of coastline, some of them in remote destinations.

Symi is one of these places, filled with charming, colorful homes that line the coast. The waters are calm, warm, and completely see-through, giving you a view of life under the surface as you’ve never seen it before.

Plus, the locals here are generous, and they know where you can find the best Mediterranean food. 

Things to do:

  • Soak in the warm Mediterranean waters
  • Walk along the coastline
  • Grab some delicious food 
  • Chat with the locals
  • Take off sailing to island-hop to isolated spots nearby

7. Córdoba, Spain

Spain is home to so many wonderful sights, sounds, and flavors that you won’t want to pass it up. 

And while a few destinations, like the capital city, are crowded, others are peaceful and have fewer visitors. Córdoba is one of these quiet places, home to winding streets, historical architecture, and rich local culture.

The ancient city of Córdoba is a unique spot because it features a small German town where Che Guevara lived as a child. 

Also, in Córdoba, history buffs can take a walk through the ages and see wonders like petroglyphs and Jesuit estancias in one of Spain’s oldest cities.

Things to do:

  • Eat some regional specialties
  • Catch a flamenco show
  • Take a tour of the past

8. Morocco

If you’ve never been to Morocco, you’re in for a treat. The colors, sights, sounds, and smells all mingle together to create a majestic feel. 

For instance, the sand dunes surrounding the cities tell stories of the past, filled with rich traditions. And the markets, though sometimes crowded, are well worth your time.

But, to get away from the crowd, you can enjoy a cup of hot tea in a quiet bar or take a walk to a nearby neighborhood to see the oft-missed beauty.

Things to do:

  • Visit the market
  • Buy some spices
  • Indulge in the cuisine
  • Visit tea shops
  • Walk through colorful neighborhoods

9. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Did you know that Cameron Highlands houses one of the largest blooming flowers? Nestled in the lush forests, you can find these parasitic plants that bloom to be the biggest in the world. 

Plus, besides the flower, you’ll have plenty of areas to cover, wrapped in the warmth of natural wonders and surrounded by views like you’ve never seen before.

Things to do:

  • Breathe in the fresh air
  • Enjoy the mountain backdrop
  • Catch a glimpse of wildlife in this nature lover’s paradise
  • Enjoy tranquility and peace
  • Try out some of the mountain biking trails throughout this lost world

10. Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Brazil

There is not another place on this earth quite like this remote destination in Brazil. 

White sands sprinkled with lush green hills meet turquoise waters creating a view you’ll never forget. So, take a deep breath and just be as you feel the cool tropical breeze wisp through.

Lençóis Mananhenses is not a top-visited area in Brazil, so you can be one of the few that’s gotten to enjoy it. 

Things to do:

  • Walk along the rolling hills
  • Stroll down the coastline
  • Check out resorts and stays nearby if you’re going to explore for a few days
  • Visit one of the many major cities nearby
  • Watch the fishing boats float by

Honorable Mentions

Since there are so many amazing places in this world that get few visitors, we’ve decided to list some more so that you can find your perfect destination. 

Some more underrated destinations include: 

  • Asturias region of northern Spain – a great destination for those who love Medieval architecture
  • Montenegro – a tiny country with a lush coastline
  • The Gulf of Guinea in West Africa – contains many beautiful destinations and hidden gems that should be on every traveler’s bucket list
  • The Faroe Islands – there are few places on earth more beautiful than these islands
  • Verona – a Medieval town in Italy where Shakespeare set “Romeo and Juliet”
  • Gatlinburg, Tennessee – although a resort town, the area is quiet outside of summer 
  • OEDO Botania – for a unique destination in South Korea, spend a few hours on this island full of natural beauty
  • San Gimignano – a walled city in central Italy 
  • Skopje – once the capital of the Former Yugoslav Republic, you can now find this gorgeous city in North Macedonia
  • L’isle-sur-la-Sorgue – a cute town in southern France
  • Da Bac – a land of wooden houses and stunning nature, cut off from the outside world 
  • The Happy Isles of Oceania – clear vistas and an empty blue lagoon
  • Wolfberg Cracks – dramatic landscapes just three hours from Cape Town
  • Bergen – the second-largest city in Norway, although it is much less crowded than the major city of Oslo
  • Charleston, South Carolina – a US city filled with cobblestone streets that’s a much less popular destination than other historical US cities like Washington DC and Philadelphia 

Adventure Is Waiting

The world is full of wonder, with so many beautiful sites for you to discover. So, if you’re looking for a secret getaway that even influences don’t know about, try one of our top 10 destinations.

So, stop and enjoy the timeout you need and see some of the most magnificent places on this earth. And, at these destinations, you’ll find all of the beauty nature has to offer without the tourists that usually accompany it. 

It’s time to start seeing the wonders of this world, beginning with some undiscovered gems that will make you regret not starting sooner.