When To Tip A Hotel Valet?

Many hotels offer valet parking, where attendants park your car and bring it back when you’re ready to leave. 

Valet service may be complimentary or available for a small fee, and it’s customary to tip your valet. 

You can tip the hotel valet when you hand them your keys or when they bring your car back. There’s no rule about the best time to tip, but many believe tipping at the beginning leads to better service.

Should You Tip a Hotel Valet Before They Park Your Car?

While there isn’t a certain time you should tip a hotel valet, it might be beneficial to do it when you give them your car keys. 

If you tip your valet well, they may be more likely to take better care of your car. 

Can You Tip a Valet After They Bring Your Car Back?

The most common time to tip the valet is after they return your vehicle.

You’ll be able to see if the car has been cared for and determine if their level of service meets your expectations.

Standard practice is to tip valets, but some people still choose not to.

Do You Tip a Valet That Charges For Services?

If a valet charges for their services, you can still add a tip. 

Remember that even if valet parking comes at a fee, the valets themselves likely earn an hourly wage and don’t see any money from the cost of the service.

If you believe they deserve something extra, then it’s a nice gesture to tip them. 

How Much Should You Tip A Hotel Valet?

Tips for valet services range from $2 to $20. 

How much you decide to tip depends on the level of service you receive, the amount of cash you have, or what you feel the valet deserves. 

If you are staying somewhere with a hard-to-access parking lot or it’s fairly far from the entrance to the hotel, it might mean the valets have to walk quite a distance after parking your car. 

If you stay at an upscale hotel, you may want to tip well.

Big tippers are remembered, and if you stay longer than a night or two, the valet may take better care of your vehicle.

Should You Tip More For Complimentary Valet Service?

Sometimes you will get complimentary valet service at your hotel. 

It’s still a good idea to have cash on hand, as the hotel valet may only be working for tips. 

Many people also decide to tip more when the service is free. 

Of course, a tip is not required, but it is proper etiquette to tip your valet regardless of whether the services are complimentary or paid.


When it comes to valet parking, leaving a tip is usually part of the deal.

When you tip and how much you tip depend on your preferences and whether the service meets your expectations. 

If you want the best service, it may be smart to tip the valet when you hand them the keys. 

If you want to provide a tip based on overall service, you can tip when the car is returned to you.