Residence Inn Vs. Courtyard: What Are the Key Differences?

As the world’s largest hotel chain, Marriott Bonvoy offers hotels that are often top picks for avid travelers.

With over 30 brands in its portfolio, Marriott has options for every type of guest – the only thing left is deciding on which property. 

Residence Inn and Courtyard by Marriott are two well-known Marriott brands, but they cater to very different audiences. 

The difference between a Residence Inn and a Courtyard by Marriott comes down to the length of stay and required amenities. Solo travelers, couples on vacation, and those away for business will be more than comfortable at a Courtyard hotel. Alternatively, large groups, families, and guests looking for an extended stay will enjoy making the Residence Inn their home away from home. 

This article explores the key differences between a Residence Inn and a Courtyard by Marriott, where they’re located globally, and the types of guests they cater to. 

What Are the Key Differences Between a Residence Inn and a Courtyard Hotel? 

A room with two queen beds at Courtyard by Marriott Seattle Kirkland.

The key differences between a Residence Inn and Courtyard by Marriott Hotel include atmosphere, amenities, and price.

1. Atmosphere

While Marriott owns both the Residence Inn and Courtyard brands, these properties offer different themes and atmospheres, and travelers might choose one over the other depending on the environment they’re looking for.

The Atmosphere at a Residence Inn 

The Residence Inn brand is built around long stays and thus offers a homey environment.

The decor and layout are more traditional, relaxed, and spacious to give off that home-away-from-home feel. 

The Residence Inn’s design is tried and true, meaning each property looks relatively the same no matter which location guests visit.

The Atmosphere at a Courtyard by Marriott 

The Courtyard’s design and atmosphere are a bit more upscale, executive, and urban, making it perfect for professional settings.

The neat thing about a Courtyard by Marriott is that it also tends to complement each unique location.

For example, a Courtyard hotel in Peru may have different characteristics than one in Indonesia.

2. Amenities

Amenities can be the deciding factor when booking a stay at any hotel. 

Marriott prides itself on its comfortable and well-appointed guest rooms, but every property provides something different for its guests.

Amenities at a Residence Inn 

The rooms at a Residence Inn tend to be bigger than those at Courtyard hotels. 

Residence Inn guest accommodations are studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom suites, and all come equipped with living areas, sofa beds, kitchens, work desks, and full bathrooms with extra-large showers.

The studio suite is approximately 457 sq. ft. (42.4 m2) and comfortably sleeps 1-4 people.

Also accommodating up to four guests, the one-bedroom suite is about 564 sq. ft. (52.3 m2) and includes an additional television in the bedroom.

A two-bedroom suite offers a dining table with chairs, additional televisions in the bedrooms, and two full bathrooms – an ensuite to the primary bedroom and one with a shower/bath combo. 

These larger suites can fit up to six guests and average around 739 sq. ft. (68.6 m2). 

The kitchens in all suites come fully stocked with:

  • Full-sized refrigerators
  • Coffee makers
  • Microwaves 
  • Stoves 
  • Dishwashers
  • Pots and pans
  • Cutlery

In-room meal prep is hassle-free with the hotel’s store-to-door grocery delivery service, which makes up for the lack of an in-house restaurant.

If that weren’t enough, Residence Inn hotels offer complimentary perks like breakfast and Wi-Fi. 

At most Residence Inn properties, travelers can also find business and fitness centers, convenience shops, swimming pools, outdoor grills, hotel bars, and laundry facilities.

Amenities at a Courtyard by Marriott

The guest rooms at a Courtyard by Marriott have a standard layout with a bed, sofa, chair, and desk.

While most Courtyard rooms are simple, some locations will offer larger exclusive suites like the Presidential Suite at the Courtyard Atlanta Downtown. 

Unlike a Residence Inn, a Courtyard isn’t designed for long stays and only provides a mini fridge and coffee maker.

Beyond the hotel room, guests can grab some delicious food at Bistro – the Courtyard’s tasty in-house restaurant, bar, and lounge area.

Bistro is the perfect place to try amazing appetizers like crispy Margherita Flatbread, sip on a specialty cocktail, or network with other guests.

Breakfast at the Courtyard doesn’t come standard with a room but can be added to the rate or purchased a la carte. 

Courtyard hotels also often have free Wi-Fi, swimming pools, 24-hour fitness centers, business centers, in-house laundry, and convenience shops.

To top it all off, a Courtyard wouldn’t live up to its name if it didn’t include beautiful outdoor spaces where guests can enjoy their evenings in the dimmed tranquility of the Courtyard’s patios and firepits.

3. Price

On average, Courtyard hotels can sometimes cost a little more than Residence Inn hotels. 

However, the cost of each stay typically depends on the location, the room type, and the travel dates. 

For an accurate calculation of the cost of their trip, guests can select their travel dates on either hotel website and browse the available rooms.

Do the Residence Inn and Courtyard by Marriott Have Special Offers?

Before booking a room at any hotel property, always double-check if they offer special deals or discounts.

Special Offers at The Residence Inn

The first offer that the Residence Inn advertises is the Marriott’s Longer Stay Offer.

This offer allows guests to save on stays of 5 or more consecutive nights at participating hotels.

These offers tend to come around seasonally, so travelers must book their stay before the seasonal deadline posted on the website

The second offer is the Marriott’s Weekend Travel Deals, which provide guests with weekend getaways at discounted rates across Canada and the US.

Travelers can get even better discounts when they become Marriott Bonvoy Members.

Lastly, AAA/CAA members get up to 15% off weekend stays at select hotels across the US, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 

Special Offers at The Courtyard

Like Residence Inn, Courtyard hotels also have the longer stay offer and the CAA/AAA discount at participating locations.

In addition to these offers, Courtyard hotels also give Marriott Bonvoy Members 2000 bonus points each day of their stay

Where Are Residence Inn and Courtyard Hotels Located?

Like most Marriott hotels, the Residence Inn and Courtyard brands extend their hospitality globally.

Residence Inn Locations

Guests can find a room in one of nearly 900 Residence Inn locations throughout Africa,  the Middle East, Europe, the Caribbean, and North, Central, or South America.

North America, especially the United States and Canada, is home to most Residence Inn properties.

Top destinations on the continent include:

Guests traveling overseas can find Residence Inn accommodations at: 

For the complete list of properties, visit the official Residence Inn website.

Courtyard by Marriott Locations

Courtyard by Marriott has properties on every continent except Africa. 

With over 1000 locations to choose from, guests in North America will likely find what they need, especially if they’re traveling to the United States or Canada.

Select North American Courtyard hotels include:

Internationally, there are over 200 Courtyard properties, such as:

Guests can visit the Courtyard hotel’s official website to explore more destinations.

Who Will Enjoy a Residence Inn vs. a Courtyard by Marriott?

A room with sofa, TV, and kitchen at Residence Inn by Marriott Istanbul.

Because of their differences, Residence Inns and Courtyards by Marriott tend to cater to different types of guests. 

Who Will Enjoy a Residence Inn?

Given its home-like, roomy, and casual atmosphere, a Residence Inn is the perfect option for larger groups or families taking longer trips.

Residence Inn suites can accommodate more people by providing multiple sleeping options, separated areas, and fully-functioning kitchens.

Who Will Enjoy a Courtyard by Marriott?

Courtyard hotels are solid properties providing clean, classy, modern guest rooms.

These three-star accommodations are ideal for solo travelers, business trips, and shorter stays for two.

The rooms at a Courtyard are fairly standard, offering the same amenities as most similarly ranked hotels, but the in-house restaurant and outdoor patios make up for it. 

Guests looking for a particular wow factor or variety in terms of decor will also prefer the Courtyard to the Residence Inn.

There are also more hotels to choose from with the Courtyard brand, a bonus for frequent travelers. 


Marriott Bonvoy has over 25 hotels under its brand, including Residence Inns and Courtyards by Marriott.

Both hotel chains are internationally recognized as clean, comfortable, and professionally managed.

When deciding between a Residence Inn and a Courtyard hotel, it’s helpful to think about the atmosphere, amenities, and price you prefer.

Larger groups or families might find comfort in the homey yet spacious accommodations at a Residence Inn, especially if they’re visiting a location for an extended period of time.

Smaller groups, adults, or those traveling for business may prefer the executive feel and classic hotel amenities of the Courtyard brand.

Regardless of which property you choose, there is likely a room that meets your every need.