How To Maintain Habits While Traveling? (6 Easy Tips)

There are a few effective ways to make sure you maintain healthy habits while traveling.

You should plan ahead, pack accordingly, account for jetlag, be flexible, set some minimum goals, and prioritize.

Habits are an essential aspect of our lives, and they can make up the cornerstones of your day. 

However, it’s easy for them to get disrupted when traveling.

Still, maintaining habits is an excellent way to bring structure and familiarity to your life when it is otherwise scattered and disrupted.

Additionally, habits are often about self-care, so don’t forget to make time for healthy options when you are on the go. 

6 Tips to Maintain Healthy Habits While Traveling

1. Plan

It’s a good idea to check out the area you’re going to and work out how it will fit in with your habits. For example, find out if there are areas you can jog in, such as a park near your hotel room, or whether there’s a fitness center nearby.

You can also seek out healthy restaurants, so staying healthy doesn’t have to take too much time out of your trip. Additionally, researching restaurants in advance can save you money and keep you from getting sick due to a bad meal. 

Further, you will need to think about how you’ll fit your habits around your vacation schedule. Whether you’re on a business trip or traveling for pleasure, you’ll likely have commitments that conflict with your everyday life.

So, you need to consider how this will affect your healthy habits while traveling and where you need to make changes. For instance, if you usually go to the gym after work, but now have plans with friends, consider whether you could go in the morning instead. 

Making exercise (or other healthy habits) part of your plan will ensure there is time for your workout. If you don’t prepare, you may find you don’t have time, and your habits will get overlooked because you haven’t prioritized them on your vacation.

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2. Pack the Things You Need

You can’t workout if you don’t carry your exercise gear, so make sure you have everything you need before you leave on vacation. What you will require will depend on the habits you are trying to maintain. 

So, think about your habits and make a list because the last thing you want is to forget something important. 

Like if you want to maintain a workout routine, make sure you are carrying appropriate clothing and shoes. 

Also, consider whether you have any portable exercise equipment. If you usually depend on equipment that isn’t portable, consider whether you can take alternative exercise gear, like a jump rope or yoga mat, to keep up your health and maintain your body.

You should also think about bringing healthy snacks, especially if the habits you want to maintain revolve around eating food. It can be all too easy to eat chips and candy bars while you’re on the go because these foods travel well, are easy to eat, and are comforting if you’re feeling too much stress.

But instead, tuck some protein bars, trail mix, or a bit of fruit into your bag. Additionally, remember to carry a reusable water bottle that you can fill up on the plane to stay hydrated and continue feeling great.

3. Account for Jetlag

You need to be realistic about what you can achieve and how travel will reduce your energy levels. Thus, you’ll definitely have to make at least small changes to your routine. 

Yet, planning for jetlag may not literally involve figuring out how to handle an hour change, especially if you will be close to home. Still, you should think about the physical limitations imposed by travel.

So, expect yourself to be more tired than usual and for your sleep schedule to feel off. Changing your environment and being in an unfamiliar place will often result in you needing more rest and having less energy.

If you have prepared yourself for this in advance, though, you are less likely to find that jet lag disrupts your plans. 

But, don’t expect to get up at 6 a.m. for a run if your flight doesn’t land until 4 a.m., even if you slept on the plane. Instead, try working out in the afternoon. 

However, don’t cut out working out entirely. Heightened stress levels from traveling can weaken your immune system, but staying active, especially doing bodyweight exercises, can keep you healthy.  

Finally, make sure you give yourself enough time for quality sleep during the night to prevent tiredness. 

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4. Be Flexible

Even with the best planning, you will often find you need to be flexible with your daily habits if you want to fit them into your travel routine. For example, it may prove trickier to stick to a specific diet while you’re on vacation, particularly if unhealthy local cuisine options surround you.

Trying to be too rigid with your eating could prove disastrous, so instead, introduce a bit of flexibility into your routine along with your healthy snacks. Give yourself a free pass once every day or two so you can still eat food that’s only found in the part of the world you’re in at the moment.

This tip can also translate to working out. Like, if you usually workout at a gym, but you don’t have that option right now, consider whether a long walk on the beach or a bike ride around town will be enough to stay active.

In conclusion, it isn’t always about doing things exactly as you would at home – because you aren’t at home, and you need to acknowledge that. Instead, try to find ways to partake in similar activities, but with some flexibility.

5. Set Some Minimums

One of the problems with traveling is that good habits can get overlooked entirely. So, before you leave, try to set yourself some minimums that you absolutely will meet, regardless of the situations that arise.

For instance, you might decide you will do a minimum of twenty minutes of yoga per day. Alternatively, you may commit to getting at least seven hours of sleep.

But, no matter how packed your itinerary is looking, it’s important to set aside a bit of time for self-care, which you maintain through the healthy habits you follow. If you make space for your health, you’ll probably enjoy traveling more, even if your routine has to shrink to fit in with your plans.

6. Focus on the Important Habits

Because we are often much busier when traveling, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll have to drop some habits. Thus, try to identify which ones are the most important to your physical and mental well-being and focus on maintaining those.

And remember that it’s okay to leave behind some of the less important habits until you get back home. But, just make sure you are not overlooking the cornerstones of your health routine because of the chaotic environment.

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It can be hard to stick with good habits while checking off things on your bucket list, but taking a trip is the most important time to take care of your body. Plus, you don’t want to waste all the hard work you’ve put into keeping yourself healthy. 

So, don’t get thrown off your healthy routine because you are on the move. Instead, commit to continuing the activities that make you feel good.