8 Tips How to Really Enjoy Your Vacation

Experience pure happiness on your vacations by living in the moment and reducing stress. You can accomplish these strategies by planning ahead and incorporating a few healthy habits into your real life. 

Research shows that American adults’ happiness begins with planning.

Vacation planning brings joy because the excitement builds, and you can look forward to something.

Plus, most people who go on vacation experience the perks of feeling happy and excited before the vacation actually occurs more than the vacation itself.

However, don’t waste your entire life waiting for your dream vacation.

If you want to visit a beach, big city, or a golf course, you can make your dream come to life by planning ahead. 

Additionally, on the first day of your vacation, be sure to be in a good mindset no matter what.

You are there to relax and de-stress, so do not give into minor distractions.

Also, make sure you have everything you need before leaving home to reduce future anxiety.

How To Plan The Best Vacation?

  1. First off, with whom are you traveling? Make sure you have positive travel companions instead of surrounding yourself with people you don’t like. Therefore, stay away from people who cause you stress when planning vacations, or you could spend your whole time miserable. 

You also shouldn’t bring the wrong friends who will force you to do things you don’t want to do. Instead, make sure everyone agrees on your chosen destination and plan activities in alignment.

  1. Second, you must plan. For example, finding a resort with unlimited access to food can take away from the stress of keeping track of your finances and will awaken your enjoyment factor. 

Thus, research hotels before booking anything.

  1. Seek out doable vacations over a “once in a lifetime” trip. Studies show that our brains will get bored with the “once in a lifetime” trip quicker than smaller pleasures experienced more frequently.
  1. Try new, fun things. Time slows down when adults break from routine. New experiences will make your vacation seem longer and add to the fun and rewards of the overall experience.

Check out Airbnb Experiences in advance to search for things to do near your destination. 

  1. Hire a babysitter. Parents will end up spending most of their vacation time taking care of their kids. They will need to clean up after them, watch them every second of the day, and plan each day for them. 

Taking care of children is not exactly the recipe for relaxation. If you can afford it, look for a babysitter so you can keep your precious time to yourself.

  1. Take control of work. Get work off your plate and vocalize to your boss and co-workers that you will be out of the office. Hopefully, this type of planning will limit your workload.

However, if things come up, schedule time at the beginning of the day to answer emails, return calls, and then shut off for the rest of the day. That way, you are taking care of business but remaining present on your vacation by putting away the computer.

Overall, your co-workers will have to understand if you are making an effort to get things done at the beginning of the day. 

  1. Manage the transition. The day after vacation can be a mess because of unpacking, errands, and chores. If possible, plan to go home early and get an early flight so you can have the day to organize your things.
  1. Choose a location where the weather is consistently nice. For example, if you want to go to the Jersey shore, make sure it is in the summer. Or, if you’re going to find a beach, pick an island vacation that is not in hurricane season. You don’t want to end up stuck inside because of bad weather. 

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How To Plan A Trip If You Are Bad At Planning?

If planning stresses you out and is not for you, there are certain options that can help you. 

For instance, you can hire a travel agent. Hiring a travel agent is the ultimate way to avoid all the planning anxiety.

If you do not want to spend money on an agent, get inspiration from social media, specifically Pinterest, to help you think of a list of to-dos while on holiday.

Taking the time to organize your ideas for your vacation goals will leave you feeling more relaxed going into the trip so you can create present memories with your friends or family.

Another option to avoid planning for your vacation is visiting a friend. Do you have a person you miss seeing because they moved away? You can have your friend plan sights to see around their city and take you out for a “day in their life.” It’s always a great time to visit a familiar face. You may even end up in a different country and have the time of your life. 

How To Reduce Stress In Just A Few Minutes

When something goes awry on your vacation, do not react. You do not want to ruin your trip with reactive behavior. Instead, take a deep breath for your well-being because breathing exercises can help you calm down in just a few minutes. 

The best way to find happiness when things are going wrong is to stay mindful and step back from the situation to take a break. Vacation is about relaxing, after all. 

Another great idea is to take a walk. Walking can improve your mindfulness and health and take your mind off things by focusing on your surroundings.

Finally, do not focus all your energy on making each day a perfect day. Things will go wrong, the family might cause issues, but you will have to deal with them. Planning as much as possible helps prevent this type of stress.

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How To Get More Vacation Time

Everyone wishes they had more time off, but what if you could make it a reality? Some companies and jobs allow you to carry over your vacation days into the new year. Ask your boss if this perk is something your company is willing to do. 

Another way to get more vacation days is to ask your boss if you can have extra. You may need to barter some paychecks or other holidays, but there is always room for negotiations. 

Lastly, if you plan your vacation around a holiday, you can get an extra day off. For example, if the Fourth of July is on a Thursday, you can take that week off, so you are taking less time than you normally would. Plus, you can add the holiday weekend to your trip. 

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Your dream vacations can happen just by taking time to plan ahead and stay mindful. 

Therefore, you should do your research before your vacation to make sure the itinerary makes sense upon arrival. Additionally, take care of work early in the day on your getaway or before you arrive. You should also travel with people you enjoy the company of and plan activities together. 

Also, practice mindful breathing to stay calm when things go awry and you need a break from the scene. Plus, be mindful while vacationing, so you are making memories and staying away from your phone. 

Finally, wait for a holiday or holidays to take off work to get extra days off, so you can vacation wherever you want in the world without a worry.