How Many Laptops Can You Bring on a Plane?

You can only bring two laptops on a flight to a different country unless you pay import duties. But there is no limit when traveling on a domestic flight in the US.

One might wonder what possible danger a laptop can cause, but airlines take the matter seriously. As modern laptops have lithium-ion batteries, they can catch fire if mishandled. 

So, airlines try to keep the lithium content on the plane as low as possible.

Today, we will talk about the number of laptops you can carry with you on a plane, the type of laptops allowed, and some safety precautions.

How Many Laptops Can You Bring on a Domestic Flight?

The TSA (Transport Security Administration) and the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) do not impose quantity limitations when bringing laptops on a domestic flight. Everything is completely fine as long as the batteries are inside the portable electronic devices. 

But spare batteries and portable chargers might create a problem.

Also, if the device is in checked luggage, it must be powered off to reduce the chances of catching fire.

Can You Bring More than One Laptop on an International Flight?

When traveling on international flights, you can have a maximum of two personal electronic devices in a carry-on bag, but not with checked bags. 

But why only two? The answer is that people often buy electronics in the US because those devices are cheaper than in most other countries. 

So, if you do have more than two computers, you can bring them as long as you pay the 10-40% import duty. 

Where Should I Keep My Laptop Computer: In Carry-on Bags or Checked Luggage?

A wise choice is always to keep your expensive electronics with you. Thus, a laptop bag is the best way to carry your laptop on a flight. 

You can never be sure that your items won’t get lost or stolen in checked baggage, and you don’t know how they handle the luggage. So, your laptop might get damaged if left in checked luggage.

Plus, the authorities and airlines will not take responsibility for losses, so you should keep your laptop where you can see it. 

Different Airlines and Agency Regulations on Multiple Laptops

All airlines allow at least a single laptop, but when bringing multiple laptops, it’s up to the airlines and the country you are visiting. Most airlines allow carrying as many laptops as you want for domestic flights but prohibit you from bringing a spare battery or portable charger.  

Others only allow one or two laptops per one passenger.

The best way to find out the rules is to examine the airport security agencies working in different countries. So, let’s have a look.


IATA regulates 290 airlines’ safety rules worldwide, especially in European countries. The IATA states that passengers can bring laptops in carry-on or checked luggage. 

They also advise turning the device completely off.


CASA regulates airline security in Australia. 

CASA allows integrated laptop batteries with a battery capacity of less than 160-watt-hours on the plane. You can either carry the device in a carry-on or put it with checked luggage.

Individual batteries with more than 100-watt-hour capacity require airline approval, and you must have them in hand luggage. But, you can not have batteries over 160-watt-hours at all.


The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is a US-based authority working with the FAA to control the states’ airlines. The TSA has put no limits on the number of laptop computers you can have on a plane but does restrict replacement batteries and power banks.

Additionally, you must put your laptops in two separate bins before heading towards the x-ray screening process at the security checkpoint. The purpose of using a separate bin is to allow the x-ray machine to scan the devices for enhanced security separately.

The Personal Use Laptops Banned on Planes

Fifteen-inch MacBooks manufactured between 2015 and 2017 had their lithium batteries constantly overheat. The FAA and TSA took immediate action and banned the recalled MacBook laptops. 

Many airlines also prohibited these devices after observing the situation. And Virgin Australia was the first to ban all MacBook products from carry-on luggage.

However, you can take other Apple products on planes without an issue. 


Overall, the number of laptops allowed depends on the flight you are taking. But, for most of the United States, the rules permit bringing as many laptops as you like if you are on a domestic flight but restrict the number to two for international flights. 

We recommend reading the luggage rules of your airlines or contacting them directly so that you don’t run into any last moment problems.