Koh Phi Phi Boat Trips – What a Savvy Thailand Traveller Should Know

Koh Phi Phi boat trips to the islands is one of the most popular in Thailand for visitors and this tropical paradise is a great place to eat, drink, swim, relax and have fun. Each Thai island has a different personality, some simple and undeveloped, some luxurious and laid back and some cheap and cheerful party zones.

The typical Koh Phi Phi island-goer is a young backpacker to Thailand who is looking to stay in a cheap hostel, drink beers on the beach and dance until the early hours of the morning. Also, in the daytime Koh Phi Phi offers some great opportunities for boat trips around the nearby island – whether you are looking to experience snorkelling or see the beach made famous by the Leonardo DiCaprio film “The Beach”.

Ko Phi Phi bay
Ko Phi Phi bay

We spent quite some time on Koh Phi Phi during our recent trip to Thailand, so we learned a lot about taking boat trips from the island. Here are some of the tips that you should know:

Where Will the Boat Trips Take You?

Most of the island hopping tours on offer will take you via wooden longboat to Maya Bay (“The Beach”), Monkey Bay and perhaps some of the other islands such as Viking Cove, Pileh Cove and Loh Samah Bay. The tours are sold in the many tourist offices around the island and they are generally the same, with very small variations in leaving times and price.

Maya Bay
Maya Bay

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • When you visit Monkey Beach, you will be greeted by very bold and curious monkeys. They can sometimes be aggressive and if you are carrying food on you, they will snatch it from you and run away. Be careful!
  • If you can, leave on the earliest tour possible and try to arrive at Maya Bay before 8 or 9am. This is when the beach will be the most tranquil, before the hordes of tourists arrive. You can even charter your own boat and leave really early in the morning.
  • Some boat tours from Koh Phi Phi will include a cliff jumping options, but beware that you do this at your own risk and that your travel insurance might not cover your injuries! Use a straight jump with a flat-foot technique so that you won’t hurt yourself.
  • If you want to experience snorkelling, some of the best locations are Mosquito Island and Bamboo Island. Also, you can head to “Shark Point” which is where harmless black tip reef sharks can be seen. Another popular snorkelling spot is Hin Pae, which is a shallow dive spot with a coral bed that is home to angelfish, lobsters, groupers and many other creatures.
  • In my experience, the snorkelling equipment on the boat trips can be old or broken. Make sure you sit next to the bag of snorkels so that you get first pick – or bring your own snorkel.

Keep these tips in mind when enjoying a boat trip from Koh Phi Phi and have fun while exploring this beautiful tropical island!

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