Killarney Ireland Attractions Not To Be Missed

Ireland is brimming with history, myths and legends including mischievous leprechauns and the famous Blarney Stone. The legend is said to be that the person who kisses the Blarney Stone is given the gift of the gab (being able to say all the right things at the right time). Well, I’m not too sure about that but there are some wonderful stories to be heard from the locals, enjoyed with live music and great food. Here are some Killarney Ireland attractions waiting for you to explore.

Killarney Ireland attractions. Welcome to Killarney
Welcome to Killarney ©MDHarding

Getting to Killarney Ireland Attractions

Killarney a town on the shores of Loch Leane can easily be reached by car, train and also by bus. I flew directly from Edinburgh to Cork with Aer Lingus and then took the bus from the airport to the city centre and changed for the bus to Killarney. If you plan on exploring more of Ireland then a car would be best to visit some of the more rural attractions and to enjoy the Ring of Kerry.

There is a variety of accommodation to choose from including traditional inns, modern guest houses and luxury hotels.

View from Killarney Bridge. Killarney Ireland attractions
View from Killarney Bridge ©MDHarding

Killarney National Park

Hire a bicycle and explore the lush National Park sprawling over 10,000 acres, around Ross Castle a 15th-century tower house and see the roaming deer. In Autumn, catch the mighty beasts as they compete during rutting season. There are also boat trips to enjoy around Lake Leane, taking in the dramatic landscape.

Ross Castle & Killarney National Park. Killarney Ireland attractions
Ross Castle & Killarney National Park ©MDHarding

Killarney House and Gardens

Set within the beautiful Killarney National Park is Killarney House and Gardens and on the doorstep of the town centre. The house and gardens have been undergoing a 7 million restoration, due to be completed next year. The landscaped gardens are now open, with both evergreen planting and herbaceous borders.  Discover the history of the house, garden and its features, from the Dovecot to the sculpture.

Killarney House and Gardens. Killarney Ireland attractions
Killarney House and Gardens ©MDHarding

Jaunting Cars

Fancy a wee jaunt around the town or Killarney National Park? Jump on board on one of Killarney’s Jaunting Cars.  The Tangney family business dates back three generations, over 220 years! Hear the stories from the locals as you enjoy a classic traditional jaunt.

Jaunting Cars. Killarney Ireland attractions
Jaunting Cars ©MDHarding

Killarney Brewing Company

After all the jaunting around, it’s time to relax and enjoy a chilled craft ale, beer or stout at Killarney Brewing Company. They also make delicious fresh woodfired pizzas, you can also take a tour and discover the process of craft brewing.

Killarney Brewing Company. Killarney Ireland attractions
Killarney Brewing Company ©MDHarding

Food & Drink

While exploring Killarney Ireland attractions, don’t miss visiting John. M. Reidy now a pub, the building dates back to 1870, enjoy an Irish coffee and the hearty Irish Stew. There is also a traditional sweet shop –  Auntie Nellies and chocolate shop nearby.

Irish Coffee. Killarney Ireland attractions
Irish Coffee ©MDHarding

“You come as a stranger and go home as a friend”. A place that you won’t want to leave and can’t wait to return.

Hope you have enjoyed reading and are inspired to visit the beautiful town of Killarney. Happy Travels:) x

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