James River Tubing – Perfect Lazy Afternoon Activity

The James River meanders its way through the woods just south of Charlottesville, Virginia. It runs through the small town of Scottsville, about 30 minutes by car from Charlottesville. One of the absolute perfect things to do in this peaceful area is James River tubing.

If you’re not quite sure what “tubing” is exactly, I can explain that pretty easily. Tubing is nothing more than floating on a river on an inflated inner tube. And the James River is ideal for this fun, lazy afternoon activity.

James River tubing, Virginia
James River tubing, Virginia

James River Tubing – Perfect for a Lazy Afternoon

Anyone who needs to destress or simply wind down and relax should definitely try James River tubing. There are a couple of companies offering tubing (as well as canoeing and kayaking) in the area, but I recommend Reeling & Rafting. They have tubes for rent, sell drinks and footwear to wear in the water, and bring you to the starting point on the banks of the James River.

The whole trip can last from two up to four hours depending entirely on the velocity and the depth of the river’s water. Even when the river is flowing fast, which is definitely relative, it’s still an extremely peaceful activity. In the four-mile section between the starting point and the stopping point near the company’s office, the water is smooth with a few tiny, tiny rapids, which are nothing to speak off, really.

James River tubing
James River tubing

This is undoubtedly the perfect thing to do on a hot summer’s afternoon. Tubing costs $24 per person and for $8 you can also get a smaller tube for coolers. The only things you need to bring are swimwear, water or other beverages, shoes that can get wet, and a towel.

That’s really all you need to know if you want to go James River tubing. It’s probably one of the easiest and laziest adventurous activities you can do near Charlottesville.

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