“One Love, One Life” – Jamaica

Jamaica an island country, is located in the Caribbean Sea. Famously known as the home of Bob Marley and reggae . Jamaica was first discovered by Christopher Columbus landing at Discovery Bay in 1914 then becoming  part of the British Territory, gaining full independence in 1962.

Jamaica has lots to offer and discover, including flora/fauna and its colonial history.

Jamaica Highlights: ©MDHarding
View from balcony with Cruise Ship in the bay

While Jamaica offers some luxurious beach resorts for stay vacations, I visited via cruise ship.  It is a great way to test the water and visit several countries/ports of call in the same vacation.

I cruised with Royal Caribbean a few years back, since then the docking port is now Falmouth, lined with swaying palm trees and stooped with grand Georgian buildings.  See where the sugar was once deported to fuel the surge of Caribbean Rum.

Jamaica Highlights: Some grand architecture to be explored!
Some grand architecture to be explored!

Jamaica Highlights not to be missed

Dolphin Cove

Opened in 2001 Dolphin Cove has gained in popularity and animal acquisitions.  With a wealth of experience and knowledge, a great place to get up close and hold some of the worlds most extreme creatures like snakes and some of the exotic birds, or why not go swimming with the dolphins.  A rare and unique opportunity to interact with these amazing mammals.

Jamaica Highlights: Some unique experiences to be had and memories to be made.
Some unique experiences to be had and memories to be made at Dolphin Cove.

Dunn’s River Falls

A great place to relax, at Dunn’s River Falls you can take a leisurely dip in the pools or try walking up the falls.  Walking up the falls is no mean feat!  Be careful the rocks can be quite slippery. Highly recommend buying a pair of beach shoes.  You can also rent by the falls.  Surrounded by lush forest and many different species of flowers, the water pounding against the rocks, and the sun’s rays creeping through the branches,  its paradise. Visit the famous beach scene set of Ian Fleming’s first James Bond film Dr. No. Starring Ursula Andress and Sean Connery, released in 1962.

Jamaica Highlights: Careful on the stairs! Remember your beach shoes for Dunn's River Falls.
Careful on the stairs! Remember your beach shoes for Dunn’s River Falls.

Bamboo Rafting

Originally used to transport produce such as bananas but when legendary Hollywood actor Errol Flynn made Port Antonio his home he introduced bamboo rafting for fun.  Now you can board the 30 feet long bamboo rafts and take a scenic tour down the Martha Brae River or the Rio Grande.  When boarding from the concrete pier it seems a bit strange, but once on and settled, it is a great way to enjoy and explore another side to Jamaica, taking in the scenic views as you gently float down stream.

Jamaica Highlights: Where else can you go Bamboo Rafting?
Where else can you go Bamboo Rafting?

Now you can also visit the home of Bob Marley (Robert Nestor Marley) on the Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour.  Hear the stories of Bob Marley’s childhood and musical career and see the countryside that inspired him to write some of the now famous lyrics.

Jamaica Festivals

As well as the annual Reggae Festival, Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival held in January Bob Marley day is held in February to celebrate his birthday with stage shows, exhibitions and other events around the island. Then the big Reggae SumFest takes place 12-18th July this year. Don’t miss the opportunity to try jerk pork, peas and rice.

The best time to visit Jamaica is between mid-December and mid-April this is also peak season. Prices reduce gradually between April and July. Hurricane Season is September till October and rainy season November.

Have you visited Jamaica?  What were your Jamaica highlights?  We would love to hear from you. Please comment below. Thanks.

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