Is Zanzibar an Untapped Adventure Destination?

Adventure is quickly becoming one of the hottest reasons to travel. Today’s vacationers are no longer satisfied by sipping pre-mixed margaritas on overcrowded beaches. Instead, adventure travel to active and exotic destinations is making its way to the forefront of vacationers’ minds. Well-known destinations such as the North American Rockies, the sheer cliff faces of Thailand and China, or the legendary Alps remain popular for adventure tourists, but the very nature of adventure travel calls for something new.

Adventure travelers aren’t satisfied with just sticking to the well-traveled road. After all, the ultimate adventure is to break into something new. Is Zanzibar an untapped adventure destination? Let’s look at some of the activities that await adventure travelers on this African island.

Is Zanzibar an Untapped Adventure Destination

Diving and Snorkeling

Is Zanzibar an Untapped Adventure Destination

Being an island surrounded by warm ocean, Zanzibar is already a prime location for anyone looking for waterborne adventure. What makes Zanzibar truly exceptional for diving and snorkeling is its wide array of beautiful wildlife. For example, you can go swimming with dolphins off the cost of nearby Mnemba Island.

Zanzibar is a great destination for anyone looking to start diving outside of commonly trafficked areas. As we’ll see, Zanzibar is a great place for a number of aquatic adventures.


Is Zanzibar an Untapped Adventure Destination, surfing

Zanzibar is known for its reef surfing; an exotic but dangerous take on surfing that puts you on powerful waves flowing over sharp sections of reef. Be aware that Zanzibar is not a place for the beginner surfer to break into the sport; but it can offer great waves and conditions for those who have more experience on the water. Given the dangerous nature of reef surfing, it’s advisable that any surfer — regardless of experience level — take out a medical travel insurance policy before hitting the waves.

Warm water throughout the year make this a great place for those who are looking to get their winter surf on while their local surf spots are too cold.


Zanzibar, beach, Sunset

It should come as no surprise that Zanzibar has great beaches; and there’s no better place to relax after a long day of diving or surfing. With beautiful beaches on all sides of the skinny island, it’s possible to catch sunrise on one side before making your way to the other in time for sunset. The beaches also make a great launching point for a sailing adventure into unknown waters. Whether you want to explore or you’re just looking to kill time on an off day; you can’t go wrong with Zanzibar’s beaches.

Activities for Rest Days

Not every day can or should be spent on the water or playing in the sand. Adventure needs to be punctuated by rest; both for your personal health and to maintain the excitement that each new experience brings.

Popular sightseeing destinations on Zanzibar include the island’s many spice farms — which fuel the region’s economy as well as its local cuisine — and The Old Fort, which was built in the 1600s to protect the island from Portuguese invaders. The Old Fort remains the oldest standing structure on the island to this day.

Zanzibar is off the beaten path; but for the adventure traveler with an interest in aquatic sports and stepping outside of their comfort zone; Zanzibar has the potential to be an immensely satisfying destination.

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