iPhone International Travel Tips: How to Prepare

Travelling is fun, but prepping before you depart can be a hassle. Not only are there a lot of things to condense and pack; there are also many things you have to temporarily adjust before leaving, especially when travelling internationally. Your iPhone plays a big part in your day to day life at home but it can’t be utilized the same way when travelling, at least not before making a few key adjustments. With these iPhone international travel tips; you’ll get the most out of your iPhone when you’re away. It may even save you from spending more of your hard-earned money.

iPhone International Travel Tips

iPhone International Travel Tips

Learn About Your Current Plan

You may have a great cellular plan at home, but it doesn’t always translate well when travelling abroad. Because most telecommunications companies don’t have towers in others countries; your iPhone needs to connect to another network’s towers, before you can call, text or use data. Unfortunately, this comes at a high price.

Thankfully, this can be avoided by making a trip to or calling your carrier and finding out about their international plans. These can be implemented temporarily and save you from high premiums, especially if you don’t have access to a country specific SIM card. It may seem inconvenient to call and make changes to your current phone plan, but later you might find this to be one of the most useful iPhone international travel tips.

Utilize Free WiFi

Whether at a coffee shop, hotel, airport or your host’s home, WiFi can be a saviour when travelling. Before it was so widespread, however, using your phone most definitely required a temporary plan change. In some cases, people just opted to go without the phone for the duration of their trip due to the high costs. It’s unlikely anyone will give up their cellphone now, however, and with WiFi, you really don’t have to. No matter what country you’re in, WiFi works the same; so making VoIP video or voice calls or sending iMessages can sometimes even replace traditional network calling and texting completely.

It’s important to note, however, that you must turn off your data when in another country, if you don’t have an international data plan in order to avoid high fees.

Back Up Your Phone & Free Up Space

iPhone International Travel Tips

If you’re travelling to a beautiful, scenic country, odds are you’ll want to take some pictures while you’re there. If your phone is clogged up with old photos and videos, however, you may run out of storage before you know it and miss the opportunity to snap a once in a lifetime photo. The simple solution is to free up some space on your phone by removing unnecessary items from your phone.

The first step is to backup your phone. Photos and video will also be stored on your computer and if you have a Mac, you can find them in the Photos app.

Unlock Your Phone & Get a SIM Card

One of the most cost-effective iPhone international travel tips is to buy a country-specific SIM card for the place you’re travelling to. This can be cheaper than purchasing an international plan from your service carrier and it’s really easy to do. If you purchased your iPhone directly from the manufacturer, it’s as simple as inserting the new SIM into your phone when you arrive. However, for those who have a phone locked to their carrier, they’ll first have to unlock it.

Unlocking can be done through your provider, but they’ll first charge you a fee. If you want to avoid paying a hefty cost, however, there are many other options available. Sites like WTLS provide users with detailed steps on how to unlock their iPhone quickly and easily; without paying the high prices your carrier will require.

Carry Backup Chargers

When you’re using your phone a lot, like most do when travelling, battery life simply won’t last as long. If you know you won’t have access to an outlet; travelling with a spare backup battery can truly save the life of your phone. Battery packs are inexpensive and are worth their weight in gold. Moreover, you can even find iPhone cases with a backup battery pack built right in.

Take Important Pictures

iPhone International Travel Tips

Travelling internationally requires some important documentation and if you lose them, you may find yourself in a tough situation. To cover all your bases when abroad, take photos of your passport and important documents or cards in case they are lost or stolen. Send them to your email account so they can be accessed from any computer and you’ll never be without them again.

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