Insider Guide To Ship Life Around The World

We all love travelling and there are so many ways to do it. Have you ever considered travelling the world and getting paid for it?  Yes, but unsure what it would be like living onboard for between six to eight months. Here is an insider guide to ship life on what to expect onboard.

Insider Guide To Ship Life. Miami
Where will your second home take you? Miami ©MDHarding

Insider Guide To Ship Life

The Pros and Cons Of Ship Life

I loved working onboard and the amazing ports of call I visited, but it’s not easy! Living away from home can bring its challenges, such as missing your friends and family. Although you do gain an incredible ship family and friends for life. The food is always really good, but can be a little bit haphazard getting to the restaurant when you are working really early or finishing really late. The days are long and often segmented so you could be working a few hours in the morning, afternoon and again in the evening. Although there can be flexibility to enjoy some time on land in one of the beautiful ports of call. Depending on when you start and how your contract falls you may be working onboard during the holidays. I missed celebrating Christmas and New Year at home for a few years but I did enjoy them onboard! Everyone really comes together, exchanging secret Santa presents, enjoying eggnog and lounging on one of the many Caribbean beaches.

Insider Guide To Ship Life. Ship Friends Are Forever Friends
Ship Friends Are Forever Friends ©MDHarding

Crew Living Quarters

Cabin sizes onboard differ depending on the job role you have and also the ship. As a manager/officer, you get your own cabin which you can make as comfortable and homely for the length of your contract. I was really lucky, some of the restaurant crew share two or possibly even four to an inside cabin.

Insider Guide To Ship Life. Officer Living Quarters
Officer Living Quarters ©MDHarding

Shore Excursion Department

My second role onboard was very different from my first (Ship Photographer) in the Shore Excursion Department. What a great job! It was very varied from giving the large shore excursion presentation, updating the ticketing system, ensuring that everyone got on the right tour bus to updating the bridge that everyone on an excursion was safely back onboard.

Insider Guide To Ship Life. Working Shore Side
Working Shore Side ©MDHarding


It is great to explore new places, meet new people and taste different food. Where will you explore next?

One of the secluded beaches in the Bahamas. Insider Guide To Ship Life.
One of the secluded beaches in the Bahamas ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading insider guide to ship life and are inspired to experience life at sea. If ship life isn’t for you, what about exploring the world onboard one of the many luxurious cruise ships. Happy Travels:) x

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