Ideas for Smarter Travel While Driving Across Australia

Whether you are a nature lover looking for a laidback road trip or an adventure junkie seeking fun and adventure to get that adrenaline pumping, Australia is the place for you! The natural beauty of the country is unmatched, making driving across Australia one of the word’s best road trips. Apart from that, almost all major cities are highly developed. You can explore the city parks, museums, and markets during the day and enjoy the Aussie nightlife at night. Camping, bonfires, and beach days will only add to your overall experience.

Australia map with pins. Driving across Australia

However, before you embark on the road trip of your lifetime in Australia, it’s important to do your homework to make the most out of the trip. Whether you are on a solo adventure or travelling with friends and family, a few simple tips can make your trip so much better. Scroll down to read some ideas to travel smart while driving across Australia.    

Find the right ride 

The first thing you need to do is find the right wheels for your trip. It may be tempting to pick up just any car and go free-wheeling. However, it’s not the best idea if you’re planning to explore beyond the more populated regions of the country. If you want to have a true Aussie experience in the Outback, it’s essential to choose your car carefully. Opt for a 4WD that is built for rough terrain and can survive harsh weather conditions. 

Another important thing to consider while picking out the ride for your drive through Australia is the economical aspect. While you can find rental cars or even take a car on a lease, it can be a long, tiring process. Consider more convenient options, like a car subscription. It’s not only hassle-free but also highly economical to get a car of your choice from a reputable car subscription company in Australia.  

Plan your trip ahead

Road through Outback. Driving across Australia

Australia is deceivingly huge. Therefore, the long distances between destinations and hours and hours of driving can catch you off guard. This is why it is significant to plan your trip beforehand. Find the routes you want to travel and also make sure you are prepared for the long drive. Keep the kind of trip you have planned for yourself in mind while packing for travelling through Australia. Don’t forget to pack a tool set. It can come handy! You must also keep a first aid box with you in the car.   

Mind the roads

It’s important to understand that while the cities are highly developed, the road connecting them may not be in the best condition. Instead of finding all European-style, long and kempt highways, you will experience many dual carriage, single-lane roads. This is true for the most part of Highway 1 as well. Therefore, in order to make the most of your trip and not encounter unfavourable events, mind the condition of the road and be prepared for it.   

Be ready for Aussie weather

While it can be a lot of fun to drive through the picturesque landscapes of Australia, sand storms, rainstorms and heat waves are all too common. So don’t forget to check up the weather before hitting the road. Also, make sure you have a solid ride that can help you get through any unforeseen weather conditions.   

Final thoughts

Australia is an utterly beautiful and unique land. So, when you find the opportunity to experience driving across Australia, keep these tips in mind and hit the road. It will be an experience of a lifetime that you will remember for years to come! 

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