Tips to consider when booking your next ski holiday

Booking a skiing holiday in Europe is super exciting. But getting your winter sports fix can be costly, especially if you’re not an experienced skier. Here are a few tips of the trade to make booking your next skiing holiday as cheap as possible:

How to save money on ski trips: Tyrol, Italy

How to Save Money on Ski Trips

Book Independently

If you’re new to skiing it’s definitely a good idea to book through a travel agent who can advise you on getting a package deal which includes everything you need such as transfers, ski passes, insurance and hiring equipment.

For experienced skiers booking independently is a much better idea. This way you can book a holiday tailored especially to you. A self-catering chalet often helps to save a fortune as you can buy food from local stores and cook in the room rather than dining at the expensive mountain restaurants.

How to save money on ski trips: skiing

Look for flights which arrive at undesirable times such as late at night or in the early hours of the morning as these are nearly always cheaper and will save you a lot of money especially when booked outside of peak times.

How to save money on ski trips: ski-track-672376_640


In the skiing world, France and Switzerland are notoriously expensive. Try looking at heading to Austria or Italy for cheap alternatives. The best way to save on destination is to look for a good deal and if you can avoid major resorts. Try which often has great savings on really great destinations so you’ll not miss out. If you’re all adults look for resorts which are less popular with children so it’s unlikely to be as expensive.

If you look to go early season, which is around Christmas time or later on in the season – after March, you’ll be sure to find some more reasonable prices. February half term is always manic and very expensive so is best to be avoided.

How to save money on ski trips: gondola-lift

Ski in a large group

Skiing in a large group is really fun and great value for money. This way you can rent a chalet and all split the cost so it’s great value and should be cheaper. It also means there’ll be a mix of abilities and interests so you’ll always have someone to nip for a beer with if you don’t fancy hitting the slopes every day. Plus, you’ll be able to have fun nights in the chalet too. There are also lots of great group deals to check out so get inviting your friends now.

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