How to Promote Your AirBnB Both Online and Offline

AirBnB has become a widely popular means of earning money on the side. Of course, for some, it’s about the additional income, while for others renting a place is so much more. It’s a way to help tourists have the best experience possible, and leave a great impression of your city and country. It becomes a point of pride. Of course, this means you will want to ensure as many people as possible know about the space you’re so proud of. We’ve made a list of eight things you can do online and offline to promote your Airbnb listing.


Stay active on your profile

First and foremost, you should stay active on your AirBnB profile. That includes interacting with your previous guests and answering any inquiries.

What’s more, people have lately been leaving guest reviews. This not only leaves a nice impression on your earlier guests, but also helps other listing owners on the platform.

Have an original online presence

People looking at their phones; promote your Airbnb

Open up an Instagram or Facebook profile for your listing. However, instead of putting the same photos as you would on your AirBnB profile, get creative with it! Come up with setting and décor that will tell a story. Build an identity for your apartment that will set it apart from all others.

What’s more, people always respond favourably to personified objects. This means you can write about your listing from the apartment’s perspective. Sounds silly, but it is creative and original enough to make it stand out.

Inquire with tourism agencies

You can get your AirBnB listed with local tourist agencies. Just like hotels and hostels are available on an agency’s website, you too can apply for it. If there are tourists who don’t use AirBnB as much, that’ll be the first place they look.

Not to mention you will be introducing them to the service, as they’ll have to sign up to apply for your rental.


Find bloggers and influencers with whom you could cooperate to promote your Airbnb. Have them spend a day or two in your rental and then write or vlog about it. They can give an apartment tour in a video blog, take interesting photos and point out the pros and cons of your place.

Because most influencers and bloggers often have a large number of followers, the impressions of your rental could spread far and wide. Be careful to choose your collaborator wisely; pay attention to their numbers and be sure their type of content suits your own image.


Special offers

For guests that have already visited your rental, have discounts and referrals ready. Returning, satisfied customers are the best advertisement around.

People will gladly recommend your rental to their friends and family, especially if it means they get a discount the next time they visit. This builds a trusting relationship and lends more credibility to you as a host.

Have “guest favours”

Coffee, phone, paper and pens on a table; promote your Airbnb

Like a true entrepreneur handing out promotional materials, you can make guest favours (a play on “wedding favours”) – small tokens of appreciation for the guests’ stay. For a small price to order in bulk, you can have key chains, stickers or mugs made that feature a witty slogan for your rental. Or a simple “Thank you for staying at…” or “Safe travels!” written across.

It works in the same way as promo materials do. They build a sense of trust and appreciation with your guest, and lets them know you devote time and care to your rental. This kind of move is more likely to ensure returning guests.

The power of business cards

Speaking of promotional materials, look into making business cards. They’re handy to have since not everyone is willing to open their phone at any given moment to look for basic information. Loading pages takes time, whereas a business card has all the info ready from the get-go.

Make sure to have the cards designed by a professional. An eye-popping design is sure to draw attention. You can also visit local coffee shops, for example, and ask to leave a few cards on the counter for tourists.  


People drinking coffee and talking

AirBnB itself offers a list of cities in every available country where you can attend official host meetups. There, you can learn more about being a host from various key speakers, have a Q & A and network.

Aside from Airbnb’s events, you can organize or host a meetup yourself – maybe even in your own rental! Connecting with other local renters, you can promote your Airbnb listings as a joint venture, and see how you can help each other.

When someone is booked, they can recommend your rental to potential guests who inquire. Word of mouth can go a long way, after all.

In the end

No matter which of our pieces of advice you choose, it should always align with your AirBnB goals, whether it’s to provide a high-end service or to create a memorable experience for someone from “across the pond.”

And in either case, we believe that the advice above is a good starting point as you promote your Airbnb.

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