How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon You Deserve

Planning the perfect wedding is already challenging enough without having to stress about the honeymoon location, booking fees and determining the budget for this special trip. This is ironic, because a honeymoon should be free of any kind of stress. While this is impossible, at least for the pre-travel period, you can do everything within your power to plan the perfect honeymoon you deserve while reducing the planning-related stress to a minimum. Here are some tips for accomplishing that.

Choose a perfect honeymoon destination both of you like

One would think that everyone’s idea of the ideal honeymoon is soaking up the sun on a white sandy beach, but surprise, surprise, it isn’t. The whole idea of marriage is compromise (along with everlasting love, of course), so you should talk about your wishes with your partner and hear them out when they have something different to say. If your desires are really different, try to find a third option that meets the needs of both of you.

Consider booking a honeymoon package

As we mentioned, planning a perfect honeymoon to every last detail can be exhausting. Fortunately, there are so many travel agencies offering fantastic honeymoon packages that will save you the trouble of doing the bookings and the budgeting on your own. It is even possible to save money by participating in a customized honeymoon tour, because experienced travel agents can find the best deals.

Find the second best destination

No one is suggesting that you should spend your honeymoon in a budget hostel at some unappealing destination, but you don’t have to go to the most expensive location either. For instance, if your dream destination is a sun-soaked beach, you don’t have to travel to Fiji, the Virgin Islands or the Seychelles. You can choose an equally as breathtaking destination that won’t leave you broke. Some great examples are Zanzibar, Portugal, The Cook Islands and Croatia.

Be the early bird

If you want to catch the worm, or in this case, the best deal, you should choose the destination early, and book the tour, transport and accommodation at least four months in advance. This will not only save you money, but also ensure you get all the amenities and perks you should get for this very special adventure.

Show off the rings

Regardless of whether you are speaking to a travel agent or booking a hotel room, you should definitely flaunt the newlywed status, because it can be the key to getting fantastic discounts, offers and benefits. For example, many hotels will give you various treats, such as a bottle of champagne on the house or free spa service.

How to Plan the perfect Honeymoon You Deserve

Stay within your budget

There is nothing more tormenting than having to count pennies while on your honeymoon. This is why you need to establish a realistic budget and stay within that during the entire course of your trip. The total amount you need to set aside should include the costs of the hotel or resort, airplane tickets, car rentals, gas, transportation (e.g. taxis and buses), pampering treatments, activities, cruises, excursions, clothing, souvenirs, maps, guides, and food. Always add some extra too, for surprise expenses.

Think about packing

Packing is a significant part of the perfect honeymoon planning. If you are traveling by airplane, it can add a lot to the total fee, so packing light is crucial. If you are transporting delicate items to or from your honeymoon destination (e.g. you have bought a Murano glass vase in Venice, or another breakable souvenir), you should consider acquiring custom corrugated carton boxes. These boxes are also useful because they are lightweight, so they minimize the total weight of your things.

Stay close to home

Finally, if even with all these tips you can’t find a destination that will fit into your budget and work for you when it comes to transport (including the transport of your luggage), you should consider going local. Every country has its romantic destination. For example, in Australia, you have The Whitsundays; in the U.S. you have Napa Valley, etc.

Honeymoons are unlike any other trip. That’s why you should do your best to plan the perfect honeymoon you deserve. This guide will help you do that, with minimum stress attached.

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