How to Plan a Successful Last-Minute Road Trip

It doesn’t happen rarely that you feel like you need to get away ‘right now’. A project is over and you have some time to relax before the next one. On the other hand, it also happens that it is taking you longer than planned to finish a project and that you cannot plan any time off until it is done. Both result in the same thing – a sudden holiday. So the question remains as to how to plan a last minute road trip, when you finally get around to that long awaited holiday.

How to Plan a Last Minute Road Trip

Choose your company

One thing to consider is the company. Perhaps you generally enjoy solo excursions but this may not be the best solution when thinking about a road trip. Even if you enjoy driving, it is still good to have someone there, as a long drive may be exhausting. They can help you stay alert or even be behind the wheel while you rest. It may be hard to find someone last-minute so you may want to think about going with your work colleagues as they may feel as burnt out as you are.

How to plan a last minute road trip

Pack wisely

A road trip usually excludes fancy dinner parties and nights out. Think of the things you would wear on a lazy weekend and bring those. Pack one or two evening outfits depending on the length of your trip. Now, it’s not only what you pack but how you pack it. Make sure you have a spare shirt in the car with you, as well as a sweater in case you are surprised by the cold weather. It may be more practical to pack your things in a suitcase rather than a backpack or a bag as suitcases allow you to lay out and organize your stuff better.

How to Plan a Last Minute Road Trip, packing,suitcase

Think about what you will eat

Even though there is little time, you still can stop by a local market and get your food supply for the trip. It won’t always be handy to find a place to eat. Have some snacks, make sure you bring water and if you need caffeine; buy energy drinks and instant coffee which can be mixed with cold water. You can also fill two thermoses with coffee, tea or whatever rocks your boat.

Don’t skip the mechanic

Although it’s a short notice and you may think that your vehicle is good enough, auto service Granville based experts suggest that you take your time and inspect it for potential problems, so you’ll know not much could go wrong while you are on the way.

Consider damage control

Remember the little things that can help you patch up consequences of any emergencies that may occur. Bring a car repair kit, a blanket, a shovel, a torch. Sign up with a road-side support service. Bring a phone charger and if you have one, a spare battery as your phone, tablet or whatever smart device you have, may be of great assistance on the way. If you are traveling with kids, you know to pack the toys; but also think of the games you can play and make sure all of their favorite toys are there handy. If it’s a baby you are dealing with, make sure you have toys that ‘do’ different things; as once they get bored with one toy, a different type of toy may have their attention while the same one would probably end up on the floor. Once you set off, buy a guidebook of the area you are visiting in case your electronic body betrays you, or there’s no Internet access. It will contain a map of the area and things to see.

How to Plan a Last Minute Road Trip


You are taking some time off work. The goal of the whole drill is to relax. Make sure your schedule is loose; you didn’t have enough time to look into everything nor discuss it with your fellow travelers. As long as you are packed and you know where to go first; you can use the time spent in the car to discuss the particulars of the next step.

When you’re traveling last-minute, you don’t always know where you’ll end up. Every place on this planet has something to it, you just need to know where to look. One of the best ways to get to know a place is by doing what the locals do. Bare that in mind and enjoy your trip one step at a time.

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