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When you arrive on your Thailand holiday, you will most likely land at Suvarnabhumi Airport (the busiest airport in Southeast Asia), which is located approximately 19 miles from the city centre. Most likely you will be jet-lagged and a little confused at this point, but your next task is to get from the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to your accommodation in Bangkok city centre. When deciding how to get from Bangkok Airport to downtown; what is the best way to make this journey?

Here are some tips on how to get from Bangkok Airport to downtown .

How to get from Bangkok Airport to Downtown

Airport Rail Link

The airport rail link only recently opened in 2010 and it is the fastest and cheapest way to get from the airport and into downtown Bangkok. The fare is 150 baht and you will be able to catch the train in the basement of the airport.

Take the express train to Makkasan Station and from there you can take the City Line to Phayatai Station, which will connect you with the Skytrain.

How to get from Bangkok Airport to Downtown: Airport Train
Airport Link | photo credit: My Train Pix via photopin cc


Taking a taxi to your hotel is not the cheapest option to take when deciding how to get from Bangkok Airport to downtown; but it is much cheaper than it would be in Western countries and you might just want to be driven from door to door when arriving in a confusing foreign city after a long flight. Head down to the first level of the airport and you will find the taxi line.

Step up to the desk and tell the clerk your destination, they will assign you to the next available taxi driver. It is a good idea to ask your hotel or guest house to email you the name and directions of the hotel in Thai, so that you can print it out and show it to your driver.

It is important to make sure that the drivers use the taxi meter – don’t try to negotiate a flat rate! In fact, any time you take a taxi in Bangkok you should insist that the driver uses the meter because when he is offering you a flat rate it is almost certain that he is trying to rip you off. Also, keep in mind that the tolls along the expressway into the city will cost you an extra 70 baht on top of your fare.

How to get from Bangkok Airport to Downtown: Racing Taxis
Racing Taxis | photo credit: Omad via photopin cc

The Express Airport Bus

Another option to consider when deciding how to get from Bangkok airport to downtown is the express airport bus. There are four different routes taking visitors to different areas of downtown, including Khao San Road and Sukhimvit.

You can buy tickets from the airport bus counter that is located on level one of the airport and the tickets are 150 baht. However, these buses only run from 5am until midnight so if your flight arrives outsides of these hours it is not an option for you.

How to get from Bangkok Airport to Downtown: Airport Bus
Airport Bus | photo credit: oldandsolo via photopin cc

Car Hire

If you have money to spare, you can always rent a car and brave the Bangkok roads on your own.

Have you visited the country? Which one of these options did you use when deciding how to get from Bangkok airport to downtown? Let us know about your travel experiences in the comments below.

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