How to Find a Good Place to Eat While Travelling

One of the best parts of travelling is having the opportunity to try exciting new foods and eat in different restaurants all over the world. You can discover how to find good places to eat in this article. Some of the best travel memories start with finding a great local eatery and tucking into some great cuisine.

How to Find Good Places to Eat: Nin's Bin in Kaikoura, NZ
Nin’s Bin in Kaikoura, NZ: Photo Gary Sauer-Thompson / CC BY-NC 2.0

How to Find Good Places to Eat

However, when you are wandering around in a new city it can be really hard to know where to eat. If you simply guess and walk into a random restaurant, you might find yourself having a very lacklustre meal and paying a tourist premium for it. So in order to help you, here are some tips on how to find good places to eat while you travel and avoid the duds, here are some tips.

  • TripAdvisor is a great place to read honest reviews of restaurants all over the world. You can look at the top restaurant listings in your destination city to get an idea of which eateries have received the highest ratings.
  • Consider taking a culinary walking tour. They are led by experts in the local cuisine and it can be a great way to sample some of the most authentic dishes and visit great restaurants.
  • Ask the locals. Get into a conversation with someone who lives there and ask them to recommend a place to eat. They know the city, so they will have some insight.
  • Try to stay away from the biggest tourist attractions and areas. Restaurants in these areas are often higher priced and lower quality. Go for a wander away from the touristy area and see what you can find in a different part of town.
  • When it comes to food stalls and food trucks, if you can see that it is extremely busy and there is a line-up this is a good sign. It’s even better if the line-up is mostly locals rather than tourists.
Food Stalls Bangkok Thailand
Food Stalls in Bangkok: Photo on Flickr by killerturnip / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
  • Check out some of the locally produced “Best Of” guides or local magazines (if you speak the language). They often feature some of the best off the beaten track restaurants, rather than the popular tourist places that the guide books recommend.
ipad map
iPad Map
  • Use social media to reach out to locals for recommendations. Asking on Twitter could get you some great ideas of where to eat.
  • Read travel blogs written about your destination and consider some of their recommendations.
  • Look for places where people are relaxed, happy and having a good time. It’s a good sign that the atmosphere is welcoming, the service is good and that you’ll likely have a good experience too.
Old Friends
Old Friends: Photo on Flickr by Bengin Ahmad / CC BY-ND 2.0
  • Do some research into the local cuisine before you go, so that you know what it is you are ordering. It might help to have the Google translate app on your phone ready so that you can translate a foreign menu and understand the difference between Bún bò Huế and Mì bò viên.

Do you also have tips on how to find good places to eat? Let me know in the comments!

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